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To all the Staff of Immanuel Tours,
Thank you so much for a very well organized tour/pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Our guide, Asher, and our driver, David, were very nice & they were so great. Very knowledgeable too!
It was a wonderful experience.  We hope to visit the Holy Land again with Immanuel Tours.

Biblical period treasure unearthed in archaeological dig
Biblical period treasure unearthed in archaeological dig

Archeologists in the Holy Land have unearthed a ceramic jug containing jewelery believed to date back to 1100 BC!  The ceramic container was found in the ancient city of Megiddo where the New Testament predicts the battle of Armageddon to take place.

Archaeologists speculate that the jewelry was hidden in the jar by an affluent Canaanite family.
"The researchers are planning to analyze the textiles found around the jug as well as the jewelry itself to get more clues about its origin."