I guess the strongest statement I can make is that we Returning with another group this coming year. The thought of using someone else has not even crossed our minds. These people took care of business, and became our friends in the process.

Christian Tours
Immanuel Tours is one of Israel’s most experienced agencies with over 40 years work offering tours to Christian and Messianic groups from around the globe. Throughout the years we have served various types of Church groups, Christian Bible Schools, organizations and Ministries. We have also organized numerous seminars, conferences and handled the visits and tours of choirs and orchestras. We have also built up a strong network of relationships with agencies offering their clients Christian Tours worldwide.

Christian Tours to the Holy Land go back in time to the very early days of Christianity and have served Christians to set out in the footsteps of Christ on a journey to the source of our Christian faith. Today such a pilgrimage serves also to understand what “God has done” in the Holyland and what he is doing today!

With an ever-changing world, a visit to the land of Israel may impact you like no other place in the world. The Bible comes to life in many more than one way and the opportunity to not only visit the historical sites and shrines, but to visit and meet with different local communities living in the land and learning more about the reality of today will help the Christian visitor to better understand a wide spectrum of issues related to Christianity, Judaism and the relationship over the years between these 2 faiths. There is no better place to experience this other than in the Holy Land where Judaism, Christianity and Islam meet like no where else.

Most agencies offering Christian Tours, offer the same type of itinerary with very little changes. We have throughout the years done our best to develop a wide range of itineraries customized to the needs of the different church’s, age groups and second timer groups. We understand that the major difference between the tours which are being offered, is the ability to allow the individual participant to not only see, but to experience. Experiences which lead to memorable moments. The possibilities are endless. Some impact the cost of the tour in a considerable manner and some have no impact on the cost at all! For example Immanuel Tours can organize a biblical meal for your group in the middle of the Judean Desert including overnight and camel rides. Here you will be able to experience life as it was during Jesus time in the land by baking your own bread and milking goats. Another experience can involve walking down from the Mt. of Beatitudes to the Sea of Galilee rather than taking that route with a bus.

When considering to organize Christian Tours, we invite you to contact us and one of our experienced tour operators will be glad to provide you all the information you may require and offer you assistance with regards to all aspects of organizing the itinerary, land arrangements, flights and insurance. In most countries, we work through associated travel agencies who are able to offer all the services related to publishing the tour, registrations, deposits, insurance and other local services as well as forwarding all the relevant information to us. We look forward to serving you in the near future and ensuring your Christian Tours provide your customers with a good and meaningful experience with plenty of good memories.