To all the Staff of Immanuel Tours,
Thank you so much for a very well organized tour/pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
Our guide, Asher, and our driver, David, were very nice & they were so great. Very knowledgeable too!
It was a wonderful experience.  We hope to visit the Holy Land again with Immanuel Tours.

Evangelical Groups
Evangelical Groups

Israel Christian tours for Evangelical pilgrim & study groups: 

Christian Pilgrimage to the land of the Bible is a longstanding tradition dated back to the beginning of the Christian era. Pilgrims came from all parts of the then known world with a desire to see for themselves the place where "the Word was made flesh" following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and the traces of the history of Salvation in the land which it took place. The long and tedious journey of the early pilgrims to the Holy Land was fraught with dangers, but those who succeeded in reaching the goal of their desire were richly rewarded by coming to the place where the spiritual roots of every Christian are to be found. On arrival they found that the familiar place names, which most of us know from an early age in the teaching which we received at home or in Church, such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth actually exist on Earth and are not just place names which are read about in the Bible and which only exist in heaven. In today's age, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is undertaken with the comforts of modern age and every thought and care is taken to make the pilgrimage the experience of a lifetime. Beyond seeing the traditional sites included in a regular pilgrimage tour, Immanuel Tours offers you the opportunity to "Come see what God has done", see God's work in the land of Israel in today's reality. We are more than glad to offer various suggestions to groups wishing to experience Israel of today as well.

Mission Statement

A Pilgrimage to Israel is an experience of a lifetime, a journey to the very source of our faith, as wherever you set your foot you are stepping on ground with biblical associations. At Immanuel Tours we aim to provide our customers with a memorable experience through our personal service and attention to detail, understanding the particular wishes and aspirations of our customers. Our variety of Christian Tours to the Holy Land contained in our web site are intended for Church congregations, small family groups and for all those whose desire it is to receive a more in-depth knowledge of the Holy Land, the biblical sites associated with the life, death and resurrection of our Lord with the Bible as their guide. We invite you to fulfill the calling given to Abraham, the Father of faith, in the book of Genesis and walk through the land in the length and breadth of it. We at Immanuel Tours take special emphasis at selecting the right type of experienced tour guide to each group. Our guides are all graduates of the Israeli ministry of Tourism guides course and poses good knowledge of the scriptures. Whenever possible we employ Christian guides providing an even better insight for our customers. We hope to be able to meet your wishes and aspirations for your planned trip of a lifetime to the land of Israel. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your questions concerning the planning and execution of this trip.

Evangelical groups

Since our establishment Immanuel Tours has endeavored to reach out to various denominations Christian Churches throughout the world and to provide a unique service based on our own knowledge, as members of a Christian congregation in Tel Aviv, of the needs and desires of the Christian pilgrim or visitor to Israel. As Israelis we want to serve as a bridge, where possible, between the people of Israel and the worldwide body of Christ. We have succeeded in bringing groups from countries as far apart as the Philippines, Japan, Papua New Guinea and Norway, Germany, the United States of America, Central America and Iceland and are glad that we have been able to establish a reputation for good and reliable service. Throughout the years we developed many Christian tours and packages for both groups and individuals. For our Evangelical customers from around the world we are able to offer a variety of additional sites or activities to form part of the Israel tour. A visit to Israeli families and homes as well as meeting and interaction with Israeli evangelical congregations are part of the services we are glad to offer our groups. We are also glad to offer assistance to those groups wishing to attend the International Christian Embassy Holy Land Events. We have throughout the years produced special events for Evangelical groups visiting Israel. Those include both in and outdoor events and well and seminars. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance for any of your special requirements.

Catholic groups

Immanuel Tours has rich experience in looking after Catholic pilgrim groups to the Holy Land, handling tours for catholic groups from Europe, the USA, Canada, and Africa, going back more than 40 years. Some of the more prominent groups we have handled during those years are: The seminar of priests (Wiener Priesterseminar) led by His Eminence Cardinal Koenig of Austria, Pilgrimage organized by Kolpingwerk, Cologne, for a period of more than 15 years and led by the former Generalpraeses, Prelate Heinrich Festing and the Annual pilgrimage tours of the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria with the General Secretary Rev. Fr. George Ehusani. Arrangements for the daily celebration of Holy Mass for groups traveling with a priest are made through our office for the shrines of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem and in the Basilica of the Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor. The arrangements are made in collaboration with the Christian Information Center. Apart from accommodations in hotels of the various categories we are able to accommodate groups in Catholic houses such as the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, the Guesthouse of the Pope, the Sisters of Zion Hospice located on the Via Dolorosa in the Old City of Jerusalem, other hospices in Nazareth and throughout the country. We would be pleased to “tailor make” Christian Tours itineraries for you, or you may want to make do with our standard 9-day Israel tour itinerary which you will find in our website.

A Caring Company

We are only too aware of some the problems faced when undertaking a long and exhausting journey, planning and executing your tour to Israel and other Bible Lands are not a simple matter. We at Immanuel are available to take a great part of that burden off you and guide you through the process of putting together Christian Tours to the Holy Land. Our dedicated team of tour operators will work with you step by step while offering you all the assistance and advice you may need. With Immanuel Tours you will be met at the airport on arrival in Israel by the Tour operator you have been working with and will feel at home right from arrival. During your stay in Israel, we will continuously remain in touch with you ensuring all your groups needs are taken care of and provide any assistance if needed. When planning your tour, we will be glad to go over all the special requirements for your group members such as medical insurance and medication policies. You may also wish to read through the important information in our web site which is related to what one should pack for a visit to Israel, electrical appliances and issues related to currency exchange and customs regulations. We will also be glad to send you our printed brochures either on-line or via mail. Let us know if you require any particular information and we will do our ut most to get this across to you as soon as possible.

Immanuel Tours

We are Israel's foremost expert in Christian Tours to Israel and other Bible Lands. Founded by Mr. Phillip Meyers, the Chairman and C.E.O., with more than 40 years experience in the tourist industry and Israel Tours in particular, the company is a family concern in which each member is highly motivated to give service with the "personal touch" for which our company is well known. Our multilingual staff is fluent in 5 different languages i.e. Hebrew, English, German, Norwegian and Danish. Our offices are located in Nes- Ziona which is 20 minutes away from Israel's Ben Gurion Airport and only 45 minutes away from Jerusalem. For our contact details please refer to the contact request form. Immanuel Tours has been serving a great number of customers for more than 20 years consecutively. We will be glad to provide you with references from any of these customers. Over the past 5 years we have heavily invested in both technology and human resources and are proud of having completed the process late in 2007 when we introduced new industry software to our office and completed an overall staff training. We continually look at what we can improve which will make a positive impact on our customers and endeavor to continue in this way. We are constantly looking to up date all of our world wide customers about new events or sites in Israel and have recently begun publishing a bi monthly newsletter on-line. You may subscribe to this on-line newsletter through our web site or contact us for more information.