Hello Gabby!

We had the trip of a lifetime!!
Thank you and our wonderful guide, Ilan! He is a fantastic guide. So knowledgeable and hard working. We learned so much from him. We are so very grateful to him!

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip!! Many thanks to you and Ilan!

We will continue to lobby for Israel...

Israel Facts and Figures

Identity Card

  • Official Name: The State of Israel
  • Form of Rule: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Capital: Jerusalem
  • Area: 21,643 square kilometres
  • Population: 7 million persons
  • Distribution by Religion: 76.5% Jews, 16% Moslems, 2% Christians, 1.5% Druze, 4% without religious classification
  • Official Languages: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Currency: New Shekel

Did You Know?

This is a short clip about Israel.
By Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs