...On our last evening in Jerusalem I met The CEO of Immanuel Tours and his daughter Susan. It was very nice that they both came to meet us. We all appreciated that very much. The whole company and especially those 2 seem like the people I will want to have travel dealings with even in other places.  

Pilgrim Tours

As one of Israel’s most experienced agencies offering tours to Christian Pilgrim and Messianic groups from around the globe for over 40 years, Immanuel Tours served various types of Church groups, organizations, , Ministries and Christian Bible Schools. We have organized many conferences, seminars and handled the tours of orchestras and choirs. Immanuel Tours built up a network of relationships with agencies offering their clients Pilgrim Tours worldwide.

Pilgrim Tours to the land of Israel was initially made to sites connected with the life and ministry of Jesus. Early descriptions of Christian Pilgrimage to the land of Israel and Jerusalem from the 4th century bear evidence to some of the experiences the first pilgrims had during their journey across the land.

Immanuel Tours has created many different types of Pilgrim Tours options for it’s customers taking into account the Church denomination and customer preferences, we aim at not only providing our tour participants with the chance of seeing the sites, but experiencing the visit to the site or shrine. This is achieved through our many years of experience and knowledgeable tours guides with the understanding that many Pilgrims Tours products are being offered with very little difference in the itinerary but with a vast difference in what is delivered to the customer (tour participant).

We aim at being the leading Christian Agency offering unique, customized tours of the holyland., It is our vision that a visit to the Holy land should impact the visitor like no other place worldwide. Bringing the Bible to life in many more than one way through meeting and interacting with different local communities living in the Holy land and understanding more about the reality of today.

Our Pilgrim tours focus one providing the customer the most suitable tour itinerary according to his preferences and finding the most suitable guide for the particular group. Our tour operators will be glad to provide you with the most detailed information concerning the group’s itinerary including the booking of Mass celebrations in various church’s should this be requested or the opportunity for communion at the Garden Tomb or any other location requested.

Pilgrims on these tours are often led by a pastor or Rev. father and a great deal of attention goes to ensuring he receives full cooperation from our end and that the tour guide works well with him, leaving him with enough time at each site for his input or prayer time.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on your next pilgrimage to the Holy land and look forward to meeting your group on arrival.