Day 2

Day 2 Announcement Date: May 17, 2017

After breakfast, we check out of the hotel and begin our day driving northwards to the ruins of the ancient city of Caesarea Maritima which was built by King Herod and later became the seat of government of the Roman governors including Pontius Pilate who sat in judgement on Jesus Christ and sentenced him to be crucified. Visit the extensive excavations of the site including the harbour, the Crusader City, the theatre, the hippodrome and the Roman aquaduct. We continue and drive by Mt. Carmel , where the Prophet Elijah challenged the Priests of Baal (1 Kings 18:17- 40). Our next stop is at Megiddo, the Armageddon of the Book of Revelation. Christian tradition has it that the final great battle of the world will be fought here. Next, we continue our drive to visit Sepphoris which was the most important city in Galilee during the first 4 centuries A.D. Our next stop is in Nazareth, a town in the hill country of Galilee where Jesus grew to manhood. We continue and drive through Cana of Galilee, where Jesus performed his first miracle at the wedding feast (John 2:1-11). We arrive at our hotel in the late afternoon and check in for dinner and overnight.