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About Pastor Billy Stidham

Pastor Billy Stidham toured Israel with TLC Holyland Tours and Immanuel Tours in 2009 on a Pastor’s FAM Tour. His life was forever changed in Israel!  Walking the land, exploring where the Biblical stories unfolded, and making that “new connection” through God’s Word made the Bible come alive! Join Pastor Stidham and TLC Holyland Tours Host Nick Webb as they walk the land together to help you connect to the Bible. Experience the pages of scripture as they transition from black and white, to living color and have your walk with God forever deepened. Register online today!

Day 1
Today you will leave the United States on a trans-continental flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. Your flight departs late in the afternoon and arrives in Israel in the morning of the next day.

Day 2 Arrive in Israel

Caesarea Maritima | Mt. Carmel | Valley of Armageddon | Megiddo | Nazareth | arrive on the Sea of Galilee

You begin the day by driving up the coast to the ancient port of Caesarea Maritima, the ancient capital of the Romans in Palestine with the great theatre, hippodrome and harbor.  The events of Acts 12 took place here; the Apostle Paul’s imprisonment, his bringing the gospel to the house of Cornelias, and the occasion of Herod being struck by worms in the theatre. A short distance away you will see the incredible aqueducts built by Herod the Great and a later period Crusader fortress. Taking a short drive along the coast you begin the climb up the Carmel Mountains to the heights of Mt. Carmel where Elijah slew the prophets of Baal. The view of the Valley of Armageddon will take your breath away as you recall the prophecies of Revelation and the end time events that will take place in that vast plain! You will descend into the valley and visit Megiddo, Solomon’s ancient chariot city .and perhaps see “Ahab’s Water Tunnel” the hidden water source of the Israelites during the days of the divided kingdom.  Crossing the entire valley you begin climbing through the lower Galilean Mountains and overlook Nazareth, Jesus’ childhood home. Leaving there you drive through the place of the villages of His day such as Cana, where He turned the water into wine. You finally arrive at your beautiful hotel overlooking the Sea of Galilee where you will have dinner and spend the first of three nights.

Day 3

Sea of Galilee | Jesus Boat | Mount of Beatitudes | Tabgha | Capernaum | Migdal |  Lunch by the Sea | Baptism

You will wake to a breath-taking sunrise on the Sea of Galilee. After breakfast, a boat ride and time of worship on the Sea of Galilee as you sail to Nof Ginnosar in a replica of an ancient boat will bless your soul. The authentic 2,000 year old ancient boat dates to the time of Christ. Following the steps of Jesus through the Galilee region, you will visit the Mt. of Beatitudes, ancient Capernaum, Tabgha and the ancient fisherman’s landing called the “Primacy of Peter”. You will enjoy lunch by the Sea of Galilee and have the opportunity to eat “St. Peter’s fish,” tilapia, caught fresh out of the waters of the Galilee, and stop at Migdal, the home of Mary of Magdala. If you choose, you can finish the day with baptism in the Jordan River or watch others do so.  After this wonderful day you again relax at your hotel.  After dinner you may enjoy looking out over this beautiful lake to reflect on what you are experiencing; walking where Jesus walked.

Day 4

Chorazin| Tel Dan | Bental | Dan Nature Reserve | Caesarea Philippi | Northern Golan Heights

The beautiful northern mountains of Israel await you today. On the way you will make a stop at ancient Chorazin. You will visit a city gate from the time of Abraham at Tel Dan, as well as an altar from the days of Israel’s divided kingdom. Walking through an incredible nature reserve at Dan you will see the beginnings of the Dan River which joins with other streams to form the Jordan River. The water is crystal clear and pure. You will see a gorgeous waterfall as the headwaters of the Jordan River cascade into a beautiful mountain stream. Your next stop is the site of the Apostle Peter’s confession of Christ at Caesarea Philippi where you will see the second source of the Jordan River at Banias.  As you tour the Golan, Israel’s incredible history from 1948 until the present will be explained like never before as you stand upon the heights of the extant volcano peak. You see the Golan Heights spanning from the Northern border to the Sea of Galilee and learn about the strategic importance this region has played and will continue to play to the nation of Israel.  After your day in the mountains you will retire to your hotel for dinner and final overnight overlooking the sea.

Day 5 

Bet She’an | Drive through Jericho |Wadi Qelt | Jerusalem – Mt. of Olives

This morning you leave the beautiful Sea of Galilee, follow alongside the Gilboa mountain range and pass by Harrod’s Springs where Judge Gideon tested his men before the battle with the Midianites in the valley between Gilboa and Mt. Moreh. You then visit the last site before your journey down the Jordan Valley, Bet Shan. While not mentioned in the New Testament, it is an Old Testament city and the best preserved Roman city from that period in Israel today. Time permitting, you will drive through Jericho before stopping at Wadi Qelt overlooking the barren Judean wilderness and the Valley of the Shadow of Death will take your breath away. After passing by ancient Jericho the climb to Jerusalem begins as you view scenary and follow the same route the ancient pilgrims would have taken as they made their journey to Jerusalem for the great feasts of Israel. Today you finally arrive in the City of God, the City of David – the ancient and modern capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Your heart will leap with emotion as you stand on the overlooks of the Mount of Olives and see the breathtaking Mountain of Moriah. It is there where Abraham offered Isaac, Solomon built the first temple, and where Jesus walked, taught, died, rose again and will return one day in great  glory! This is only the beginning. You check into your hotel, have dinner and enjoy the first of four nights in your lovely hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 6

Qumran | Masada | Ein Gedi | Dead Sea

You will spend an exciting morning descending to the Plains of Jericho; then on to the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth; and visit Qumran, the center of the Essenes. Qumran is home of the ancient caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Continuing south to the desert where ibex roam is Ein Gedi, David’s hideout from Saul.  Then you visit the mighty fortress Masada, the last stronghold and stand of the zealots against Rome on the edge of the barren Negev Desert. It is a symbol of courage and perseverance for the Jewish people, where 960 Jewish defenders organized their last resistance to the roman conquerors and took their own lives rather than surrender into slavery. Those who wish to do so may swim (float) in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. You then follow the ancient path the pilgrims followed, ascending to Jerusalem and retire to your hotel in Jerusalem for dinner and overnight. 

Days 7-9

Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem!

These final days are spent in and around the environs of the capital of ancient and modern day Israel – Jerusalem!  Once you arrive in Jerusalem, before disembarking each afternoon you will hear the next day’s itinerary.

Shepherd’s Fields Gordon’s Calvary    Robinson’s Arch Street Market        

Jaffa Gate      Garden of Gethsemane  Damascus Gate St. Stephen’s Gate

Arab Quarter                  Mt Scopus      Rabbinical Tunnel Tomb of Absalom

Dome of the Rock     Garden Tomb                Place of the Pavement   Knesset

Tomb of Zechariah         Southern Steps Kidron Valley                 Mt. Zion

Holocaust Museum        House of Caiaphas       Western Wall Temple Mount        

Ancient Shiloh Valley of Gehenna         Palm Sunday Road Zion’s Gate                  

Israel Museum          Jewish Quarter      City of David                      Pools of Bethesda

Mt. of Olives                         Roman Cardo                       

And Much, Much MORE!

Expanded days 7 8, 9

Day 7

Mt. of Olives | Palm Sunday Road | Garden of Gethsemane | St. Peter in Gallicantu | Yad Vashem | Israel Museum | US Embassy site (time permitting)

This morning you begin the day at the Mt. of Olives for an introduction to Jerusalem. Ascend the mountains of Jerusalem from Scopus to The Mt. of Olives for an outstanding and breath-taking view of the city across the Kidron Valley to the Eastern Gate.  Walking Palm Sunday Road you will see the Chapel of Ascension, Pater Noster and Dominus Flevit. After a visit to the Garden of Gethsemane You visit the house of Caiaphas where Jesus was tried.

The afternoon will take you to the Israel Museum to view the Dead Sea Scrolls and the incredible model of the city of Jerusalem. The day will end at the site that every visitor to Israel must see, Yad Vashem or the Holocaust Museum. This is Israel’s memorial to the 6 million Jews who were put to death by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime of Germany during the days of WWII. This is a moving experience that includes a visit to the children’s museum in memory of the 2 million children who were sent to their deaths at the hands of the Nazis. You will return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 8

Temple Mount | Pools of Bethesda | St. Anne’s Church | Rabbinical Tunnels | Kotel | Davidson Center | Southern Steps | City of David

This morning you rise early to visit the most sacred place on earth, Mt. Moriah. You will visit the Temple Mount and the centuries old “Dome of the Rock” built 688 – 691 A.D. Exiting into the Jewish Quarter you will visit the Western Wall and tour the incredible Rabbinical Tunnels.  You will visit the Pool of Bethesda where Jesus healed an invalid man and visit St. Anne’s Church. Today you will visit the Davidson Center and see the ancient Roman Cardo, Robinson’s Arch and the ancient Southern Steps. You will end the day exploring the ancient City of David.

Day 9

Ancient Shiloh | Place of the Pavement| Via Dolorosa | Garden Tomb | Gordon’s Calvary

On day ten you will check out of your lovely hotel and set out for the last full day of touring. Your first stop will be Ancient Shiloh where the Tabernacle stood for 369 years. It is an unbelievable site. Returning to Jerusalem you will visit the Fortress of Antonia, seat of the Roman Procurator, site of the public trial of Christ, and his condemnation and scourging. Pavement from the day of Jesus reveal the Game of the Kings. You then make your way along the Via Dolorosa and Calvary to the nearby Garden Tomb. You will complete your tour of Israel on the last afternoon at Calvary and the Garden Tomb.  You end the day sharing a Farewell dinner and going to Tel Aviv for a late-night flight to the US.

This morning you will check out of your lovely hotel and set out for the last full day of touring. You will end that incredible day at Calvary and the Garden Tomb. After experiencing a sumptuous farewell dinner you will depart for Tel Aviv for a late night flight to the US.

Day 10

Arrive USA

With memories that will last for a lifetime and with plans to return and bring others back to experience God’s Holy Land – Israel! Blessed traveling from all of us at TLC Holyland Tours!



  • 1 International Flight from JFK

  • Airport Taxes, Tipping, Accommodations

  • Hotel Tax, Breakfasts, Dinner, Entrance Fees

  • Baptismal Robes & Towels, Air-conditioned Bus



  • You book & pay for your own flights to Israel

  • Transfer arrangements with Land Agent are provided

  • Accommodations, Hotel Tax, Breakfasts, Dinner, Entrance Fees

  • Baptismal Robes & Towels, Air-Conditioned Bus

Included in the Tour Price:

  • A double or triple occupancy room (additional charge for single occupancy).
  • All sightseeing, admissions and motor-coach transportation on the tour itinerary.
  • A licensed, English-speaking guide and driver.
  • Buffet breakfasts and dinners throughout the tour, with table water and possibly coffee or tea. Lunches are mostly additional, so plan accordingly.
  • An all-inclusive tip fund for the guides and drivers, hotel staff, and included meals.
  • Our land agent will provide a full-size backpack to carry your daily items, a baseball-style cap, and a map of Israel.