Israel is known by many for its religious and historical significance and its archeological treasures. What some may not know though is that for many people in the world, it is just as much known as a beach vacation destination. In fact, there are 137 beaches in Israel! They are stunning, fun and still for some historical!

Mediterranean Sea Beaches in Israel

The beaches in Israel along the Mediterranean Sea include beaches in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Caesarea Maritima, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Acre, and Haifa.

Tel Aviv beaches are known for being the party beaches. These beaches include Alma Beach, Banana Beach, Carmel Beach, and many others. When you are at a beach in Israel, especially Tel Aviv, you should not expect a conservative atmosphere! It will instead feel much more European. You may see interesting things like surfers! There is a growing surf culture in Tel Aviv.

When you are on a tour, you will begin in Tel Aviv at your arrival and head north and likely spend your first day along the Mediterranean Sea, especially at the Caesarea Maritima National Park. This gorgeous ancient city ruins are steeped in early Christian history, including Pontious Pilate and Paul and Peter. Here you can also visit Aqueduct Beach, a beach that has 2,000 year old Roman aqueducts right on the beach. It’s truly a beautiful place!

Red Sea Beaches

The Red Sea is shared by multiple countries, and Eliat, Israel is among the most popular destinations. You might find yourself in this beach city if you are planning on crossing into Jordan to see Petra. Eliat is a complete resort city, attracting not only foreign visitors but also Israeli tourists.

The beaches at the Red Sea have fantastic views, including those of Egypt and Jordan. You can view lots of sea life, including dolphins. One of the beaches is even known as Dolphin Reef Beach.

Dead Sea Beaches

The Dead Sea might sound like it is lacking life, but it is anything but. When you arrive on its shores, you will find many resorts attracting visitors around the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea, where people flock for its health benefits as they float in the salty water.

The Sea of Galilee Beaches

The Sea of Galilee does in fact count as having a beach! Yes, it is a lake, the lowest freshwater lake on the planet, and the site of many of the events surrounding the ministry of Jesus. However it is also a lake that many use as a recreational lake. You will see boats, jet skis, fishermen and swimmers.

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