This spring we’ve been thrilled to see the gradual lifting of the restrictions we’ve been living under since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, we at Immanuel Tours have strived to keep everyone as informed as possible in what the current status is so you can make plans and feel confident in your trip planning.

So what is the current status of entry and touring regulations into Israel?

Entry Permission

There is no longer any need to get prior government permission to tour Israel in a group or as an individual unless a visa was required prior to the pandemic, at which time the normal visa regulations still apply.


Israel no longer requires proof of vaccination or boosters to enter the country. You are welcomed in regardless of status.


Masking is no longer required anywhere indoors in Israel, except for medical centers and elderly centers. As of May 23, it is no longer required on international flights.


As of May 21, it will no longer be required to do any testing in order to enter of leave Israel. Up until this point, it was required that you test 72 hours prior departing for your trip, and upon arriving test again and wait in your hotel for your results. Now, none of that will be required. It will be just like pre-covid times in respect to Israeli requirements.

There is one exception. Testing may be required of you in order to re-enter your country. For example, the US still requires a negative test prior to your departure back to the US. Check your country’s requirements and ask your tour operator for guidance and help scheduling any necessary tests for according to the requirements. We are happy to help!

We hope this is encouraging news for all who’ve been waiting for restrictions to be lifted! Please be aware that the government reserves rights to reinstitute any restrictions Are you ready to book or possibly reschedule a tour? We are happy to assist.

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