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Rev. Mark Jenkins is the US Representative of Christian Friends of Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. He is a member of the National Religious Broadcasters Presidents’ Council, which is an association of ministry leaders who support legislative efforts for the NRB.

Since the early 1990s Mark and his wife Terrie, have led tours to Israel to “connect hearts and minds to the land.” These tours have included pastors and ministry leaders. In 2014 he was recognized by the Ministry of Tourism as a “Goodwill Ambassador” for the State of Israel.

Make plans today to be a part of this incredible tour and opening Celebration of the 2022 Feast of Tabernacles in the Galilee!

Day 1 – Wednesday
Depart USA on United Airlines from IAD, Dulles.

Day 2 – Thursday
Arrive in Israel | Drive to your hotel on the Mediterranean Sea
You will be met by a representative at the airport, escorted through the
process then provided transfer to the hotel on the Mediterranean Sea.

Day 3 – Friday
Caesarea Maritima | Mt. Carmel | Jezreel Valley | Megiddo |
Nazareth | and time permitting, Chorazin | Arrive on the Sea of
Galilee. The day begins with a drive up the coast to the ancient port city of
Caesarea Maritime where the ancient harbor, hippodrome and great
theatre stand. The events of Acts 12 took place there. Close by you will
see the aqueducts built by Herod the Great. From the heights of Mt.
Carmel where Elijah slew the prophets of Baal view the Valley of
Armageddon, then on to Megiddo, Solomon’s ancient chariot city.
Cross the Jezreel Valley, climb through the lower Galilean Mountains to
Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus. Your beautiful hotel overlooks
the Sea of Galilee where you will have dinner and overnight.

Day 4 – Saturday
Sea of Galilee | Boat ride and time of worship | Jesus Boat | Mount
of Beatitudes | Tabgha | Capernaum | Fish Lunch by the Sea |
Baptism in the Jordan River
You will wake to a breath-taking sunrise on the Sea of Galilee then
enjoy a boat ride and time of worship on the Sea of Galilee sailing to

Nof Ginosar in a replica of an ancient boat. The authentic 2,000-year-
old boat dates to the time of Christ. Following the steps of Jesus

through the Galilee region as you visit the Mt. of Beatitudes, ancient
Capernaum, Tabgha and the ancient fisherman’s landing called the
“Primacy of Peter.” Lunch by the Sea of Galilee allows you the
opportunity to eat “St. Peter’s fish,” tilapia, caught fresh out of the Sea.
You complete the day with the opportunity for baptism in the Jordan
River. Returning to your hotel you have dinner and can enjoy walking in
Tiberias after dinner.

Day 5 – Sunday
Magdala and Mt. Arbel | Afternoon rest | Evening Feast of
Tabernacles Event
This morning just north of Tiberias, you will explore the incredible ruins
at Magdala, the town of Mary Magdalene. A beautiful stone with
Menorah was found there inside the synagogue area, now referred to
as the Magdala Stone. The synagogue dates from the 1st century and
is one of the oldest in the world. Next you will visit Mt. Arbel overlooking
the Sea of Galilee for a spectacular view and incredible heroic stories.
The group will rest in the afternoon in preparation for attending the
Feast of Tabernacles Kick-off event nearby, before retiring to the hotel
for a final overnight.

Day 6 – Monday
Check out, then head for Jerusalem! Along the way, time permitting you
will stop for a view of Beit Shean, one of the ancient cities of the Decapolis
and perhaps view Harrod Spring. Just after passing Jericho, the group will
stop at Wadi Qelt and learn about the Valley of the Shadow of Death
before resuming the climb on the ancient path Pilgrim’s would have taken
on their way to the Feasts celebrated in Jerusalem! Then you will stop at
the Mount of Olives before checking into your lovely hotel for your first
night in Jerusalem!

Days 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Tuesday – Saturday
These final days are spent in and around Jerusalem, the ancient capital.
Once you arrive in Jerusalem, before disembarking each afternoon, you
will hear the next day’s itinerary. Listed below are just some of the sights
you will experience. There will be a day spent in the nearby desert where
you will visit En Gedi, David’s oasis hideout from King Saul, Masada
where Jewish defenders long held Roman soldiers at bay, Qumran where
ancient scrolls were discovered nearby, and have the opportunity to float
in the Dead Sea. You will explore the Temple Mount, Kotel, the Southern
Teaching Steps of the Temple, and the ancient City of David. A trip will be
made to Shiloh where the Tabernacle once stood and you will see the
route of that ancient highway nearby.
There is a morning scheduled at Yad Vashem where you will see and
hear stories not normally seen or heard on a normal touring day, and you
will spend a morning walking the ancient path Jesus travled on His way to
the cross before you share Communion near the Garden Tomb. Much
more will transpire over these days, much too much to mention here!

Day 12 – Sunday
Arrive in the USA, you will have memories that will last a lifetime and
hopefully, will make plans to bring others back with you to experience

Base Price is $5,299 and includes the trip Tips

Est. Airport Departure tax/Fuel Surcharges are $696


Single Supplement is $1,387