In spite of it’s hot, arid climate and sandy, salty land, agriculture has flourished in the land of Israel! Immanuel Tours offers agricultural, green energy and recycling tours for those interested in learning more about how this has defied all logic through technology, ingenuity, and most of all, God’s blessing.

Our agricultural tours are presented by Shai Lifshitz, a tour guide who specializes in tours focused on learning about Israeli agriculture and practices. Prior to guiding agricultural tours, he himself worked in the kibbutz fields and dates grove of Almog, where he and his family are members and live.

On this tour, you will learn about:

  • Water- Food grows where water flows, and the true secret behind Israel’s success in agriculture is it’s ability to collect, desalinate and efficiently distribute water. This will include information about desalination, water recycling. irrigation systems, sprinklers and water quality.Israel is a world leader in the field of water treatment, irrigation and desalination, exporting such technologies and constructing facilities in numerous countries in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and even in Sunny California.
  • Technology- Throughout agricultural disciplines and sectors, technology has been at the core of making Israel one of the most efficient producers in the world. Through computers and control systems, farmers are able to make the most of limited resources.
  • Dairy Farming- Did you know that Israeli cows are the most efficient in the world, producing more milk per cow then any other country in the world? Find out how through the use of conventional practices, robotics and carousels, farmers are able to keep their stock at the peak of production, even under harsh and stressful conditions through advanced systems for cow milking and herd management. Find out more about Israel-Holsteins, a high-yielding, disease-resistant breed, and how genetics have been used to selectively breed this amazing stock. Also, learn about dairy from sheep and goats in the region.
  • Crops- Israel produces some of the most specialized crops in the world, as well as more standard crops. These include world renowned olives, jojoba, argan and oil production. Cotton, wheat, corn, vegetables, cactus, mangos, citrus, bananas, spices and flowers are also grown.
  • Aquaculture- Israel is dedicated to promote healthy, environmentally sound, and profitable fish cultivation in the face of declining fish populations. The industry now produces about 20,000 lbs of fish annually.
  • Livestock Production- Sheep, goats, poultry and eggs are important staples in the diet of Israelis and are produced almost exclusively within the country.
  • Grapes and Wine- Grapes and wine have been an important part of both Israeli history and biblical prophecy and continues to not only showcase innovation, but also God’s fulfillment of promises.
  • Other information included on this tour includes the topics hydroponics, organic agricultural, biological pest control, green energy, solar panels, household waste energy production, wind turbines, natural gas and recycling.

This is not a tour to miss! Contact Immanuel Tours for more information on how to make this amazing tour a learning experience of a lifetime!