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Coronavirus Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe on a Holy Land Tour

Coronavirus Safety Tips for Holy Land Travel While the country of Israel is still closed to incoming travelers, many people are starting to think about future travel to Israel but realize that Coronavirus is going to be around for quite some time. Many are looking  for coronavirus safety tips for having a safe and enjoyable time in Israel!  When that happens, it will be be important to know how to stay safe while you are traveling, both to Israel and while traveling about the country. What travel precautions should you take when traveling when Israel reopens? What is Immanuel Tours doing to make sure you will be safe? We will explore some potent coronavirus safety tips to keep you and your family safe while traveling. Protecting You and Your Tour Members Are you wondering how to have a safe tour in the wake of [...]

Jerusalem, The Center of the World

Jerusalem: The Center of the World Jerusalem is a city steeped in importance for many reasons for many people from many backgrounds. It is arguably the “center of world” with an importance so great that people have been fighting over this city for thousands of years. What is it about Jerusalem that has made it such an important city? Location of Jerusalem Jerusalem is located in the Judean hills with the Old City at approximately 2490 feet of elevation. It is about halfway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea, about 37 miles from Tel Aviv. It is made of many hills and valleys, including well-known locations such as the Kidron Valley, Mt of Olives and Mt. Scopus. It has a naturally defensible location that made it very attractive for conquering. It has very hot and dry summers and cool, wet winters. A [...]

Birthdays in Israel

While birthdays are special occasions in cultures around the world, birthdays in Israel can be particularly meaningful. As with many cultures, there are milestone birthdays that take on a particular importance and ritual, and all of them include much enjoyment! Day of Birth While many think of when a child turns one as their first birthday, this is actually the 1st anniversary of their birthday. Your first birthday is the day of your birth. In Israel the thing that immediately makes birthdays unique is that you actually have TWO birthdays. Due to a following of the Hebrew calendar and a civil Gregorian calendar that don’t often line up, Israeli’s technically can celebrate on either day, or in some cases both days. However, every 19 years you will be listed to one when the two calendars coincide. Curious of when your Hebrew calendar birthday would [...]

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse in Israel

The sun shines more often than it doesn’t in Israel, but once in a while something comes up that darkens the entire nation… a solar eclipse in Israel. The eclipse blocked out large parts of the sun throughout Africa and Asia on the longest day of the year, June 21st, the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. A solar eclipse in Israel is a sight to behold. In fact, this type of eclipse happens only every year or two on earth, and when it does happen it only is visible to about 5% of the earth’s surface. It can be years before a total solar eclipse in Israel can be seen. Different types of eclipses happen at different intervals and even in a small country like Israel that is less than 300 miles from north to south, can affect the north differently [...]

Caesarea Maritima: Where Christianity Grew

A frequent exciting first stop on many of the HOLY LAND TOURS we operate is Caesarea Maritima, along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This ancient port city continues to give revelations about ancient Israel for both visitors and researchers. For many people, it becomes one of the highlights of their trip. What makes these ancient ruins so special? How Long Has Caesarea Maritima Been There? The earliest known inhabitation of the area was by Straton I, King of Sidon around 360 B.C. as a Phoenician colony and trading center. It was captured by Jewish ruler Alexander Jannaeus in 90 B.C. The Romans took over the area in 63BC. In 30BC Rome awarded the area to Herod the Great. Caesarea Maritima under Herod the Great Herod was known as “The Great” because he was a great builder. Caesarea Maritima was no exception. The area [...]

Adding Archeological Adventure to Your Christian Tour

When you think of Israel and the Middle East, a frequent desire is to make it as much of an adventure as possible. There are many visions of famed movie archaeologist, Indiana Jones having an amazing archeological adventure through the deserts and making amazing discoveries, like the  Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. While we can’t promise suspense-filled tours of unknown excitement and dangers (in fact, we can tell you you will be quite safe and comfortable), there are amazing ways to incorporate a bit of archeological adventure into your tour and create those movie moments, so get your fedora on and let’s plan your Christian Holy Land Tour adventure! Visit Active Archeological Sites There are many wonderful ancient sites to see in Israel, and some of them are still being actively discovered. From Spring to Fall every year universities, researchers and [...]

Summer in Israel

As we enter June, summer vacations start moving into people’s minds. While the summer travel season will be quiet due to Covid-19 this year, there is no better time to start preparing for summer vacation in 2021. The question we often get is from people wondering if summer in Israel a good idea… The short answer is: yes! But there are things you should consider to make sure your trip is a wonderful success. It will be Hot. It should be no surprise that summer in Israel will be hot. It is the Middle East, after all! There are several microclimates within Israel, but overall the summer weather is very warm. You should expect average temperatures in the 80’s for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, 90’s for the Galilee, and upper 90s for the deserts. If you are very sensitive to the heat or have [...]

Things You See at the Western Wall

The holiest accessible site of all of Judaism is without question the Western Wall. Also known as the Wailing Wall or Ha-Kotel Ha-Maʿarav (Kotel, Kosel) the wall is the only part of the Temple that remains and therefore the closest to the Holy of Holies that modern Jews can get to pray. The Western Wall  is constructed of limestone, also known as “Jerusalem stone” and was constructed during the time of Herod the Great (called the Great due to his building prowess). The entire length of the wall is over 1600 ft long, though only a smaller portion is used from prayer. During the Roman rule between the 4th and 7th centuries, Jews were not permitted in Jerusalem except for Tisha B’av, a holiday reserved for the mourning Jewish tragedies, most importantly the loss of the Temples. Therefore they would go to the wall [...]

How to Make a Great Falafel Sandwich in Fresh Pita

Any who has been to Israel will tell you that it's not a trip without a great falafel sandwich for lunch. On a long day of touring, that falafel sandwich is a welcomed way to refuel and ends up with memories tied to the smells and taste of the quintessential Israeli lunch staple. Falafel is a fried ball made of chickpeas, herbs and spices and often onions. While it originated most likely in Egypt, it is prevalent around the middle east.  It is typically served in a fresh pita bread with cabbage salad, tahini sauce and pickles. So, with it not being possible to visit Israel, how can you make an authentic Israeli falafel sandwich at home? SCROLL DOWN FOR INSTRUCTIONS AND VIDEO! Well first of all, we recommend you get falafel mix to make your falafel. We recommend this mix from Osem, and [...]

The Hebrew Calendar

Did you know that when you are in Israel you will be experiencing two days at once? Israel follows both the Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew calendar, so each day actually has two dates at one time! But what does that mean? What is the Hebrew calendar, how does it work and what are the differences between it and the Gregorian calendar? The Hebrew calendar is a lunar based calendar that has evolved over the millennia, with many influences from the Babylonian calendar. The Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar we are in the year of 2020 A.D., but we are in the year AM 5780 according to the Hebrew calendar, beginning on September 29th, 2019 at sunset. It will end on September 18th, 2020 at sunset. It is mostly used in Israel now as a means of keeping [...]

Israeli Independence Day

The nation of Israel is turning 72! Israeli Independence Day, or Yom HaAtzmaut, is usually filled with barbecues of friends and families, beach days, and lots of fun in celebration of the establishment of Modern Israel and the return of the Jewish people to the Promised Land in 1948. While today’s celebration might not have the mass gatherings that there often is, the spirit of the day is still alive and well and the people will still celebrate! While the actual establishment of Israel happened on May 14th, 1948 according to the Gregorian calendar, the celebration of the day annually occurs beginning the 5th of Iyar. Iyar is the the second month of the Hebrew calendar. Israeli Memorial day, or “Yom Hazikaron” comes the day directly before. Memorial Day in Israel is a very somber day. With the entire country having served in the [...]


IMMANUEL TOURS IS STLLL HERE FOR YOU IN THE MIDST OF THE COVID -19 PESTILENCE ! Yes the borders of Israel are temporarily closed because of Coronavirus but our Immanuel Tours office in Israel, with its faithful staff, continues to be active by working from our homes to encourage all those Pastors and Tour Leaders who are wanting to plan for tours and pilgrimages to Israel in the near or distant future. We want to advise all those who have made reservations with us for the remainder of this year that we continue to hold confirmed reservations in hotels and there will be no cancellation fees for the foreseeable future. Our office is still operating with a minimum staff but we shall be ready to fully re-open as soon as the situation allows. We invite you to contact us by e-mail or by phone. [...]

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