10 Things to Do Outside in Israel

When people visit Israel, they often think that there is nothing but historical and religious things to do. While there are many of those to be sure (and they should be the focus of your tour), there is a lot more to this amazing country to do while you are here! Israel has an amazing and diverse landscape and many are very surprised when they arrive to see it. While you visit Israel, we encourage you to find ways to enjoy this beautiful Promised Land! Here are 10 outdoor activities to participate in while you are in Israel…. The Dead Sea- The Dead Sea is a bucket list for many and for good reason. Floating in the water is a unique experience, and its waters are said to have great health benefits, especially for your skin. Local Tip: Don’t shave before going in the [...]

Pilgrim’s Road at City of David

We have people come to Israel over and over again and others will ask them “how can you go back again? Haven’t you seen it all?” The answer to that is you can never see everything because new things are discovered and made available to the public every day! The newest and most exciting new location is the “Pilgrim Road”, the ancient road that was discovered in 2004 when a sewage pipe broke and it revealed the biblical “Pool of Siloam”. They then discovered a road that led directly from the pool to the Temple Mount. This revealed an amazing portal to the past and how they lived. Pilgrims would ritually clean themselves in the pool and then take the road directly to the Temple to worship for the High Holy Days (Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot). Israel has been working for some time now [...]

Summer in Israel

Summer vacations are very common around the world and the season is known to be a very popular time to travel, however in Israel, it is considered low season. This is primarily due to the reputation of it being hot in the summer. It is a reputation well earned -it is the Middle East, after all! Although the heat is still a deterrent for many, the rising interest in visiting Israel has not left summer untouched. Many have chosen to visit Israel during it’s long, hot summer, and it can have its benefits. You may be thinking of visiting Israel yourself in the summer, and if so, here are some things for you to know… Yes, summer is hot. You can expect temperatures upwards of 100 degrees, especially in the Galilee and Southern Israel. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are slightly cooler, and you can [...]

Pomegranates: Fruit of Israel

If you’ve spent much time in Israel, you will know that pomegranates are a big deal. Between seeing them in carvings in ancient walls, in recipes, or in decorative sculpture forms in gift shops, you see the brightly colored fruit everywhere. Beyond being a beautiful color, having a unique shape and a delicious taste the fruit also holds a place of prominence in biblical and Israeli history as well. Here are 8 facts you may not have known about the pomegranate: The pomegranate is one of the seven agricultural plants listed in Deuteronomy 8:8. Pomegranates, wheat, barley, grapes, figs, olives and dates were staples of the biblical diet. The pomegranate traditionally symbolizes fertility and love and is talked about in Song of Solomon. 4:3. King Solomon’s Temple was decorated with 400 ornamental pomegranates. There is said to be 613 seeds in each pomegranate, which [...]

The History of Immanuel Tours

To start new life in a country, far from where you were born, is never easy but I praise God that as a new immigrant to Israel in April 1962 I was relatively quickly able to stand on my own feet. To find a place of work it was important to learn the Hebrew language and I was accepted to work and study the language in a kibbutz on Mt. Carmel, Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet, which had an Ulpan for new immigrants. The other people in my class were mostly Jews from Rumania, a Jewish couple from Brazil and a few odd Jews from European countries. The members of the Kibbutz and my fellow classmates soon found out that I was a believer in Jesus as the Messiah and there were some who found it very difficult accept me but on the whole [...]

Pontius Pilate’s Name Found in Egyptian Mine

More and more discoveries are being made that bring the Bible to life. Pontius Pilate's ring was found in 2018, and now they have found an inscription speaking of him in an Egyptian amethyst mine. The discovery, made at Wadi el-Hudi, was among other inscriptions. The mine fed the massive demand for amethyst in Egypt, where people loved the purple stone. Being that the mines were in Southern Egypt, the opposite side of the country that is close to Israel, it serves as evidence of Pilate's reach and notoriety. The history of the Bible gets clearer and more vibrant every day!  

Purim: Honoring the story of Esther and Mordecai

While there are many holidays that include costumes around the world, if you see children in adorable costumes in late February or early March in Israel, it is likely Purim! Purim takes place about a month before Passover every year on the 14th- 15th day of the Jewish month of Adar (likely March on the Gregorian calendar) and celebrates the story of Esther and the saving of Jewish people from Haman in the Persian Empire. Esther, an orphan raised by her loving uncle, Mordecai, concealed her identity as a Jew when she was chosen by the Persian King to be the new Queen. Haman, the King’s Grand Vizier and descendent of Agag, king of the Amalekites who were largely wiped out by David and Saul, despised the Jews. He wished to have all the Jews of the land wiped out and cast lots, or [...]

Making the Most of Your Trip to the Holy Land

For many, visiting the Holy Land is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and this leaves an immense desire for the trip to be as meaningful and fulfilling as possible. Many ask what they can do to achieve the most from their trip, both before, during and after their journey. Here are some tips on how to make your trip the best it can be!   Before the trip: Choose your trip well. Make sure you have joined a tour that will meet your needs for teaching, sites you want to make sure to see and the type of people who might be on your tour. The tour you choose will make or break your experience. Check our JOIN A TOUR page for available tours with descriptions to find the tour that would best suit your needs. Check the weather forecast for your trip…and remember to look at [...]

Group Reception at Susan’s Home

We appreciate all of our groups so much, that sometimes they are invited to our homes and host them as friends! Reverend Dyson arrived with a wonderful group from St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The last tour he brought was in May 2018, less than a year ago! Susan, Immanuel Tour's General Manager, and Lior, the group's tour guide, wanted to do something special and decided to surprise them with a reception at Susan's home in her backyard. Those who journey with us are family!

Jesus Celebrated Chanakuah (and Seven Other Facts about the Feast of Dedication)

Every December, we see Christmas trees displayed prominently around the world in homes, shopping centers, civic areas and places of worship. Then, nearby and often much smaller will be a 9 pronged candelabra known as the menorah.   Often seen as a symbol of inclusion or even a consolation prize to Jewish people during the Christmas season, many have no idea about what it means.   Here are 8 facts for the 8 days of Chanukah…     Chanukah celebrates the re-dedication of the 2nd Temple after the 7 year Jewish revolt against Hellenistic influence by invaders from the ancient Seleucid Empire which was ruled by Antiochus lV Epiphanes. The triumphant warriors won against all odds using guerilla warfare tactics and when they went to the Temple to light the menorah, they only found 1 sealed bottle of oil, enough for one night. The miracle [...]

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