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But Where Will You Stay? A Look at Newly Refurbished and Built Hotels in Israel

But Where Will You Stay? A Look at Newly Refurbished and Built Hotels in Israel People are flocking to Israel like never before with a record breaking 4.55 million visitors enjoying the Holy Land in 2019 compared to 2.9 million in 2016. Magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, CNN, Google, and the New York Times (among many others) listing Israel as a top place you need to visit, it can only expect to increase in popularity. This can be attributed to many things, including stability in the region, a good international economy and an increase in interest for both religious and non-religious travel to the region. The more people who come, the more they tell their friends and the more that want to come!  We are so happy to welcome everyone to experience how wonderful Israel is! This increase in visits though can bring about [...]

Making Your Holy Land Tour Comfortable

Making Your Holy Land Tour Comfortable While planning a tour of the Holy Land, there are many things to consider. Mostly people think of the itinerary and site visits. Where will they go, how many days will they be there and how many sites will they get to see. These are all very important, to be certain. Other things such as hotels and flights of course enter the discussion as well. However, something that many people forget to think about though is just as important and vital to making the other parts of your tour enjoyable… being comfortable. The nation of Israel is 290 miles from it’s northern border near Lebanon to it’s southern border that is right between Egypt and Jordan and eighty-five miles from west to east. While this might not seem very large, in fact it is about the same size [...]

Places to Visit in Israel: Landmarks & Major Destinations

  Top Places to Visit in Israel It can feel overwhelming to select which places to visit in Israel. The country is bursting with vibrant religious history, as Israeli landmarks have long been recognized as sites where the events of the Bible took place.  As an experienced Israel tour company, Immanuel Tours has the expertise to guide you through the area’s best destinations. Connect with your faith by traveling to the places described within the Bible’s pages, and enjoy the many inspiring things to see in Israel. Ranging from the exciting city of Tel Aviv, to locations teeming with religious history, and the impressive Masada National Park which looks out over the Dead Sea, we have selected six of the best places to visit in Israel. Tel Aviv As the location of Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv is always bustling with activity and many [...]

Happy Anniversary, Mette!

Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Mette! Immamuel Tours is a family business and that includes not only the Meyers and Eshed families but also those that work for our company. We are blessed to have had many of our employees be in our business and family for many years. One of those that we are so thankful for is tour operator, Mette Ketter. This week we are not only celebrating Mette’s birthday, but we are also celebrating her 20th year with Immanuel Tours! For now two decades she has made all of those she works with feel important and cared for. She is kind, hard-working, and an overall joy to work with. She loves to make each tour she works with special and building relationships with her groups. Those who have worked with Mette will understand why she has been such a wonderful part [...]

2019 Biblical Archeology Discoveries

2019 Biblical Archeology Discoveries Every year researchers, professors, archeologists, clergy, students and normal people who are just interested (or want an Indiana Jones style adventure) flock to Israel to take place in the greatest treasure hunt of all time… the hunt for a major discovery in Biblical archeology. Every year, treasure is found. While Israel is definitely the site of the location of the the events of the Bible, evidence is still always exciting to find. With a country like Israel, evidence is just beneath the surface, but that surface may have a high rise or parking lot on top of it. Great care is taken by the Israel Antiquities Authority to make sure that every building site is checked for historical artifacts, but it is still difficult to dig every square inch of the country. It is impossible to know just what may [...]

Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement

“This is to be a lasting ordinance for you: Atonement is to be made once a year for all the sins of the Israelites.” – Leviticus 16:34 From the time of the fall of mankind with Adam and Eve’s disobedience, there has been a need for repentance and atonement. God created an initial path in reconciliation in the Old Testament that was ceremonially accomplished through sacrifices and rituals, the most important of which called for in Leviticus and today referred to as the “High Holy Days”, beginning with Yom Teruah (today referred to as Rosh Hashanah) and ending ten days later with Yom Kippur. The point of the “High Holy Days” is a process of making amends for sin and wrongdoing and allowing for a fresh start for individuals as well as the Israelites as a whole with G-d. G-d spoke to Moses in [...]

Mosaic in Galilee Shows the Feeding of Five Thousand

Along the shore of the Sea of Galilee lies many sites of significance from Jesus’ ministry. This includes Tabgha, the location of the Church of the Primacy, where it is said that Jesus fed the five thousand and that Jesus appeared to the disciples the third time after his resurrection, feeding the disciples. A recent find in the Galilee however is challenging one of these stories. It isn't challenging it if happened, but perhaps where it occurred. About a mile east of the Sea of Galilee (also known as Kinneret) is an active archeological excavation site that includes a burned out church from the Byzantine era. It was built around 1500 years ago, but was destroyed by fire 200 years later, likely by conquest during the Crusader period. The remains were discovered ten years ago in the area of Hippos, an abandoned area that [...]

Israel’s Biblical Animals

When you are visiting the Holy Land, it may seem practical and obvious to just look for archeological ruins and relics and want to know exactly where things from the Bible happened. This however makes your trip and ability to comprehend the Bible incomplete! A major part of your learning is understanding the context of the Bible and the land in which the events occurred. So many things are described using examples of nature, from the weather to the terrain and the animals. Just think of Jesus' parables, if you are there during the spring you will see mustard plants all over the hills surrounding the Galilee. With this knowledge then, you will know just how small a mustard seed is. You can perhaps imagine that Jesus was in a field reaching for a mustard seed to show as an example of the lesson [...]

Language in Israel

Whenever someone travels to another country, one is often concerned about what communicating in that country will be like. What is the language? Will anyone speak English? How will I get around? In Israel, Hebrew is the nation's official language. It was resurrected from being a dead language beginning in the 1800s, after not being spoken for nearly 2000 years. While it is the most widely spoken language,  it is far from the only spoken. Arabic has special status in the government and is seen routinely throughout the country. What may be more surprising though is there is a large population that speaks English. In fact, all schools in Israel, whether Israeli or Arabic, require English through high school. English is written on many signs, and while you are there you will find that most of the locals you encounter will speak English, especially [...]

What is the Valley of Armageddon?

…15“Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one who remains awake and clothed, so that he will not go naked and let his shame be exposed.” 16And they assembled the kings in the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon. 17Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came from the throne in the temple, saying, “It is done!" - Revelations 16:15-16   The word “Armageddon” is synonymous with end of days. Even people who have no knowledge of the Bible refer to events about the earth ending as “Armageddon”, but what exactly is it? Armageddon is a Greek word, translating the Hebrew “har Megiddo” or “hill of a place of crowds”. This is actually an incorrect term, as Megiddo is not actually that tall of a hill, but a tel, or a place where people would build upon ruins for generations. [...]

The Valleys of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, “The City of Peace” is the city where Christians and Jews yearn to ascend to. This city on a hill is surrounded by three valleys that from their depths no doubt made the gleaming Temple look even more impressive and grand; The Tyropoeon Valley, the Hinnom Valley, and the Kidron. Jerusalem has been at the center of the world for millennia and prior to its religious significance, it had strategic military advantages being surrounded by valleys which created immediate high ground. These valleys have stories and histories as well that reach far beyond just being the beginning of ascent. The Tyropoeon Valley is also known as “Valley of the Cheesemakers” (though there is no evidence any cheese was ever made there) and it divided the Old City and Mt. Moriah. Today, it is barely recognizable and is filled with houses and debris and [...]

10 Things to Do Outside in Israel

When people visit Israel, they often think that there is nothing but historical and religious things to do. While there are many of those to be sure (and they should be the focus of your tour), there is a lot more to this amazing country to do while you are here! Israel has an amazing and diverse landscape and many are very surprised when they arrive to see it. While you visit Israel, we encourage you to find ways to enjoy this beautiful Promised Land! Here are 10 outdoor activities to participate in while you are in Israel…. The Dead Sea- The Dead Sea is a bucket list for many and for good reason. Floating in the water is a unique experience, and its waters are said to have great health benefits, especially for your skin. Local Tip: Don’t shave before going in the [...]

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