While many trips are great for individual travel, we believe that touring the Holy Land in a group is far better for a multitude of reasons. A few of these include:

• Sharing the experience with likeminded Christians, if not those close to you from your own extended family or church.
• Obtaining group rates on airfare, land transportation, hotels and admissions make the trip far more affordable and open up more options.
• Allows you to get the maximum out of your visit. Traveling on your own, you will struggle to get to all the sites offered on our group tour itinerary, and will not enjoy the services and insight of a licensed, knowledgeable and experienced guide.

You may be reading this and having images of yourself experiencing the Holy Land with your church in your mind, but believe it will always be a nice thought and nothing more because you don’t feel equipped to organize such a trip. As the old saying goes, God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called. We are here to help!

Here are some tips for organizing a group to travel to the Holy Land:

1. Choose wisely. The most important thing you can do is to select the right tour partner in Israel. Immanuel Tours gives the utmost service to every person and group we help, taking the stress of the trip out and leaving you confident inviting others to join you in this experience of a lifetime. We will take care of the details in Israel, help you plan the perfect itinerary and accommodations, and we can provide you with tools to help you spread the word.
2. Get leaders on your side. If you are a church member, talk to your pastor and see if he’d be willing to lead your group. Many pastors would love the opportunity to do a Holy Land trip, but are concerned about bringing it up to their church. If you are the pastor, find leaders in the church to help you get others on board.
3. Work as a team. It is always better to work as a group. Find a few friends or family members that are also excited about going and have them help you build enthusiasm and interest.
4. Host an informational meeting. This is a great time to show everyone how organized the trip will be! Serve food, show videos (we can help!) and answer questions others may have.
5. Be ready. Once you have a good gauge of interest and how big your group will be (we suggest subtracting about 30% from the number of interested individuals for a more realistic group size), call your tour operator at Immanuel Tours and start getting details of your trip secured.

We are always available to help and answer any questions. There is no commitment required to being speaking with a representative from Immanuel Tours and start planning your tour. We’re eager to help you make that vision of experiencing the Holy Land with your congregation a reality!

Take a look at our Evangelical, Catholic, and Messianic tour pages and start planning!