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Your “Trip of a Lifetime” Should also be One-of-a-Kind…

Israel offers many sites, attractions and experiences that can be added to your Holy Land tour. Please ask your tour operator about these opportunities and other options available. We are happy to help you make your trip truly unique!

Kfar Kedem

Your opportunity to experience daily life in an ancient Galilean village, just as it would have been 2,000 years ago. Learn More… 


The Galilee Experience

Let 4,000 years of Galilee history come alive before your eyes, in just 38 minutes as 27 computer controlled slide projectors unfold the story of the famous men and women who made history in the Galilee. Learn More… 

Kibbutz Tour

A first hand account of Kibbutz Ein Gev’s development through a tour around the kibbutz in a car train, and the possibility of personal visits to the homes of Kibbutz members. Learn More…

Katzrin in the Golan Heights

Qazrin – Talmudic Village

The site, in Ancient Qazrin Park, includes restored olive and wine presses, household items, residences and other artifacts of a Talmudic Jewish settlement. Learn More… 

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael 

Plant your own tree in Israel as part of a unique afforestation project for a lasting legacy future generations of your family can visit. Learn More… 

Yad Hashmona

The garden, covering the northern hillside of the Moshav grounds, was constructed with the vision and purpose of giving visitors a glimpse into the spiritual, physical, and agricultural world of the Jewish people in the land of the Bible. Learn More… 

Israel Museum

The Temple Institute

The major focus of the Institute is its efforts towards the beginning of the actual rebuilding of the Holy Temple. Learn More… 

The City of David

Visit the newly opened excavations at the City of David.  Learn More… 

Dig for a Day

Dig for a Day is a unique program designed for visitors of all ages to get in the dirt and discover Israel for yourself! Learn More…

The Ein Gedi Spa

A rare natural phenomenon existing only in Israel and a pilgrimage site for the health conscious and bon vivants of the world. Learn More… 

The Wilderness Tabernacle

A walk-through teaching model and attraction of one of the Holiest places in Judeo-Christian history. Learn More… 

Genesis Land

Experience first-hand the life of Abraham with camel rides, pita making, mosaics, and other parts of normal life in Abraham’s day. Learn More…

Ancient Shiloh

Visit Ancient Shiloh where the Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant stood for over 400 years and some of the most significant events of the Old Testament took place.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

Israel’s wine is proof of God’s blessing, as wine grapes grow in the desert. Literally taste prophecy coming true!

Holocaust Musuem

Yad Vashem

Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. Learn More…

City of David


Using advanced video-mapping technology, the City of David presents the epic story of the return to rebuild Ancient Jerusalem, on the very stones where the story unfolded.

Additional Tour Options Outside of Israel

If you have dreams of combining trips to Biblical lands outside of Israel, we can help! Be sure to ask your tour operator about these exciting destinations.



Visit the ancient and amazing city of Petra, a place prophesy says will remain protected in the Tribulation. Ask your tour operator about easily adding this day trip to your itinerary as an exciting part of your Christian Holy Land Tour.



Combining the origin and exodus of the Hebrew people to the “Promised Land” of Israel is a wonderful way to combine multiple Biblical lands into your trip. Ask your tour operator about how we can help you through our partners to make a seamless trip.



Paul advanced much of the ministry of Christ through Greece, a central land during the time. Retrace his steps in this Biblical land by adding days there before or after your Israeli trip by speaking with your tour operator!

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    I want to thank you for accommodating our group since we were only 14. And for giving us Yoni as a guide. You are fortunate to have him. He was so knowledgeable and entertaining. We LOVED him. And Dabash as our driver was excellent as well. Thank you for all your efforts. It was a memorable trip.

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    I've taken groups to Israel with Immanuel Tours since 2009, and have been overwhelmed with their impressive operation. They take such great care of the groups that work with them, and I've never thought of talking with anyone else. They are, quite simply, the best! I highly recommend them to you!

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    We unfortunately did not get to take our tour with Immanuel tours due to the closing of Israel's border due to Coronavirus. However, you need to know that I have NEVER been treated as well by ANY company as we worked through the problem. Outstanding communication, always looking to take care of us and our needs. They legimately could have charged a cancellation fee, because they did all the work, but they waived all fees. Phillip ,Susan, and Carine are a delight and we WILL use them we we are able to reschedule. Thank you Immanuel. Tours, you truly out the hospitable in hospitality.


    Thank you so much for the life changing experience. Our guide Yoni Simmons made all the difference. I believe Yoni is made for this. He made his narration so interesting! He was so knowledgable, patient, humble and caring. We could tell he loves what he is doing. He is a real minister of the word of God. If I have the opportunity I will recommend Immanuel Tours to other people and Yoni as a guide in particular.

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