While travel to Israel and many countries in the world continues to be difficult or even prohibited, many have a deep desire to travel, especially for 2021 tours to Israel! People are longing to connect with their faith in a deeper way and also to support Israel, which we so appreciate!

The question that we often get is, “Can I plan a 2021 tour to Israel?”. The answer is: Yes! We are actively planning 2021 tours to Israel, and beyond. We are still figuring out what that may look like when the time comes and there are many questions we are hoping for answers to soon as the government sets up guidelines and offers guidance on how to safely open. However, until that information becomes available, we are continuing to plan tours and prepare for their arrivals and while we may not be able to answer all of your questions yet, there are some common questions we can answer now!                   

Are you Planning 2021 Tours to Israel?

Yes, Immanuel Tours is planning 2021 tours to Israel and beyond into 2022 and 2023, including booking hotels, guides, transportation and planning itineraries. In fact, if you have any desire to visit Israel next year, we highly suggest that you do plan and book your tour as soon as possible as hotels are booking up for spring and fall during the normal busy seasons. Many of those tours have been planned years in advance, so don’t assume that there will be plenty of room due to the aftermath of the pandemic.

Do I Have to Put Money Down Now?

Immanuel Tours always presents our proposals free of charge and with no commitment required. We also guarantee our quotations, when they are accepted within a certain amount of time. Immanuel Tours does not require any downpayment for our services, and in many cases it is quite some time before any money needs to be put down, however different hotels do sometimes have different requirements and timelines for payments and room lists in order to keep the rooms reserved. Your Tour Operator will go over all the details and requirements with you.

How Do I Keep a Group Safe?

Participant safety is of the upmost importance to us and we are working on implementing strategies to keep all our guests healthy and safe as we hopefully move closer to reopening and welcoming groups back to Israel. Buses will be regularly cleaned. Sites are making efforts to implement distancing of groups through methods such as appointment times. Hotels are currently not using buffets, but instead are serving people plated meals. We will continue to prepare to welcome you safely when the opportunity comes and to keep you well informed of how your tour might be effected.

For some other tips of how to travel safely during coronavirus, CLICK HERE.

What If We Have To Cancel?

Immanuel Tours has sought to continue our long history of providing the utmost service to our guests, and coronavirus has not in any way affected that commitment. We have refunded, in full, all of our tours we’ve not been able to fulfill due to the virus and we will continue to honor our guests and make sure that they remain confident in their decision to plan a tour with Immanuel Tours. Talk to you Tour Operator for details.

It should be noted that while we do whatever we can for our clients, airfare costs can not be refunded by Immanuel Tours. It is important to understand the airline’s cancellation policies and any travel insurance policy’s fine print that you may elect to purchase.

When Do You Expect Israel to Reopen?

The situation in Israel is ever-changing. There is a push to reopen the borders, as the tourism and related industries has been so badly damaged, and Immanuel Tours is ready to act whenever the government decides to reopen. That being said, we don’t know when exactly to expect that to come.

Keep track of all the current travel-related coronavirus information pertaining to 2021 tours to Israel and any chances of 2020 travel becoming available HERE. We work to keep this page updated with the latest information.

Our Tour Was Cancelled By Another Company, Can You Help?

This horrible pestilence has been not only hard on many companies and workers, but made some unable to go on. We pray for all those in our industry that are struggling to survive. While we have had to send most of our staff home for the time being, we are blessed to anticipate a solid future, even after refunding tours. If your tour was cancelled and you aren’t sure what to do, please contact us so we can talk about how we can help!

This time has been so hard on so many, and we appreciate your prayers for Israel, as we pray for you as well! We pray for your health and safety but also your quick return to the Holy Land!


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