Making Your Holy Land Tour Comfortable

While planning a tour of the Holy Land, there are many things to consider. Mostly people think of the itinerary and site visits. Where will they go, how many days will they be there and how many sites will they get to see. These are all very important, to be certain. Other things such as hotels and flights of course enter the discussion as well. However, something that many people forget to think about though is just as important and vital to making the other parts of your tour enjoyable… being comfortable.

The nation of Israel is 290 miles from it’s northern border near Lebanon to it’s southern border that is right between Egypt and Jordan and eighty-five miles from west to east. While this might not seem very large, in fact it is about the same size as the state of New Jersey, many are surprised at how much time you actually spend on the bus. With the increase of visitors to Israel, time between sites can be unpredictable. Extensive tour days from morning until evening, make being in comfort is of upmost importance on your journey and Immanuel Tours takes this very seriously. If you are exhausted and not comfortable, your focus won’t be on learning and making memories like it should be! 

Here are some tips for making your travel experience as comfortable as possible:

Comfortable Travel

Comfortable Travel

Good Transportation

This month, our Lead Driver, David Minia, known and loved by many as “King David” secured his new tour bus for immediate use by Immanuel Tours groups!

The new Irizar I6s touring bus allows for passengers to feel very comfortable and less fatigued while keeping their attention on the pilgrimage. David, with his known master ability of every road and site, always strives to keep everyone happy and safe on his bus, which he takes such good care of.

The bus is fully equipped, including having wifi available for passenger usage and a Bosch audio system to ensure you hear everything the guide is teaching clearly. You can always be sure that David will have cold water available in the dashboard refrigerator to keep you refreshed and feeling your best on the tour.

David Minai is a very good and valuable member of the Immanuel Tours staff and has been working with our company for many years; always to the full satisfaction of ourselves and the groups which he has driven in his luxury motor coach. He lives in Ashkelon with his wife and family, a city which is only a few kilometers from the border with Gaza.

Immanuel Tours takes great care in choosing members of our staff to ensure only the best service for those who we are blessed to serve. Whether you have David, Charlie or another driver, you can be sure we make great efforts to ensure your comfort, safety, enjoyment and satisfaction throughout your journey.

David's New Bus

David’s New Bus

David's New Bus

David’s New Bus

David's New Bus

David’s New Bus

Comfortable Clothing

You will be sitting a lot on the bus as well as walking around extensively. In both situations you will be best served to wear loose, comfortable clothing that isn’t restrictive. Also, depending on what time of year, you may want a jacket along for early mornings and evenings on the bus even if you are comfortable during the day.


While you will be given the chance to eat 3 meals a day, many find that having a snack on the bus can really help with energy levels through the day. The best snacks are energy giving such as trail mix, beef jerky and energy bars. Try to avoid snacks with lots of sugar that may cause you to crash later. Also, make sure you stay hydrated!


Nothing can ruin a day like a headache or nausea taking your attention. With so much travel, jet lag, etc, it isn’t unusual to feel a little off at some point on your journey. It isn’t a bad idea to travel with some remedies to keep you up and running. Consider when preparing for your journey what you might do if you are struck with a headache, motion illness or other stomach malady. Make sure to check with your doctor before taking anything.

Take Advantage of Breaks

It can be easy to ignore opportunities for bathroom breaks in attempts to get a couple more minutes in at a location of interest or go shop in a store, but don’t miss the chance to go to the bathroom every chance you have. Not every location has facilities, and sometimes the facilities have long lines so if you have the chance to use a restroom, do so.

We hope we are able to show you the Holy Land in comfort soon! If you are interested in planning a Catholic, Messianic or Evangelical tour, please contact us so we can develop a proposal for you! If you are looking to join a tour and experience the same incredible service from the best holy land tour company, please visit our Join a Tour page.