For many, visiting the Holy Land is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and this leaves an immense desire for the trip to be as meaningful and fulfilling as possible. Many ask what they can do to achieve the most from their trip, both before, during and after their journey. Here are some tips on how to make your trip the best it can be!


Before the trip:

  • Choose your trip well. Make sure you have joined a tour that will meet your needs for teaching, sites you want to make sure to see and the type of people who might be on your tour. The tour you choose will make or break your experience. Check our JOIN A TOUR page for available tours with descriptions to find the tour that would best suit your needs.
  • Check the weather forecast for your trip…and remember to look at each separate location! The weather in Israel is very diverse, so don’t assume the weather in Tel Aviv will be the same as it will be in Jerusalem or Tiberias. This will help you pack in a way that will keep you as comfortable as possible. Check out our VIDEOS on how to pack for different seasons.
  • Pack Well. You don’t want to waste time or money you may have set aside for your trip on items you didn’t bring with you and should have. Pack for the expected weather and remember items you are accustomed to at home that will make you feel comfortable. For example, some hotels don’t provide washcloths, so if this is something that makes you feel better and cleaner at the end of a long day, it is suggested that you make sure you bring a few along.
  • Read ahead about Israel, not only your Bible (which you absolutely should!) but also about the history of the land, both ancient and modern and the terrain. One book that will be a primer for how the land has come since the Modern State of Israel arose is Mark Twain’s “Innocents Abroad”. His writings of the area are very descriptive and will make the number of trees in Israel really stand out.


Flying to Israel:

  • Take as direct a flight as possible. No one wants to be on a flight any longer than they have to be, but more importantly much can go wrong if just one leg of a flight is delayed. The last thing you want is to miss a connection and then have to wait for an available seat to the next destination and risk missing an entire day (or more!) of your trip.
  • When you get to Israel, stay awake and do not nap. Watch our video on avoiding jet lag so you can feel as rested as possible throughout your trip!


On the Tour

  • The most important thing is to be on the bus on time! Just 10 minutes can make a huge difference on an itinerary, especially during peak season. Always plan on being on the bus ten minutes early.
  • Eat a good breakfast at the hotel before leaving and take snacks on the bus that will help keep your energy up, like trail mix. Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day on your tour.
  • Use the bathroom whenever you have the chance. While many places have bathrooms, you can’t be certain every location won’t have a line that will keep you from being able to go.
  • ALWAYS STAY WITH YOUR GROUP. If you need to leave the group for some reason, be sure that the tour leader is aware. You don’t want to find yourself lost and unable to rejoin the group and the tour having to stop to look for you. Remember that just ten minutes of delay can derail a schedule.
  • Take time, even just a moment to stop in each location to take a mental picture and a really appreciate where you are. This includes putting down your camera, phone. notebook and even your Bible for just a moment and realize where you are.  These are the moments that you will think back on when you read your Bible anew at home.
  • Consider journaling, especially if you are traveling independently. It will help you remember for years to come, along with all of your photos.


When You Get Home

  • Organize your photos, journals and mementos right away when you get home while it is fresh in your mind.
  • Share your experience! Tell others about the wonderful things you’ve seen and learned!

We know that you will have an amazing journey and see things you never thought you would be able to see and do things you never thought you would get to do on your journey. We hope it will be everything and more you thought and prayed it would be!