Often on tour there is a lot of walking but a few people choose to walk a mile in Jesus’s shoes by walking the same paths he did, taking the Jesus Trail.

The Jesus Trail

The Jesus Trail is a 40 mile long trail that runs between many places that were part of Jesus ministry and may be a similar walk he would have taken from place to place during his ministry in the Galilee. While you are walking you can contemplate what Jesus and his desciples may have talked about on their journey as you take in the environment. The sounds, the wild life, the views, and the smells that Jesus may have discussed along the way. What a privilege!

The trail is operated by a non-profit and was established by two avid hikers, one being an Israeli businessman who specializes in hostels and guesthouses and an American-Christian.

The path is marked by 3 lines on rocks

The Jesus Trail begins in Nazareth and takes most people four days to travel completely. The path includes

  • Day 1: Nazareth to Cana via Sepphoris – The trail starts in center of Nazareth at the Church of the Annunciation, goes through the Old City of Nazareth and then up to the ridge overlooking the city via steep staircase. From there the trail goes out into agricultural fields towards the extensively excavated ancient city of Tsippori (Sepphoris). After passing through the Arab village of Mash’had the trail arrives at Kafr Kanna, where traditionally it is believed Jesus turning water into wine.
  • Day 2: Cana to Kibbutz Lavi – From Cana, the trail goes along forests and natural and cultivated fields to end at the outskirts of the modern Jewish agricultural kibbutz of Lavi, which is located near the hill of the Horns of Hattin.
  • Day 3: Kibbutz Lavi to Moshav Arbel – From hilltop to hilltop, hikers take in the panoramic view at the Horns of Hattin, past the Druze shrine of Nabi Shu’ayb in the small Arbel Valley. Hikers see  striking scenery of a historically dense landscape, to end near the Jewish agricultural cooperative of Arbel.
  • Day 4: Moshav Arbel to Capernaum via Mount of Beatitudes – After climbing Mount Arbel you must descend down the cliff to come out on a small fertile agricultural plain adjacent to the lake known as the Sea of Galilee ( also known as the Kinneret). Then the trail arrives at the northern shore of the lake to the church at Tabgha, which traditionally is the location of Jesus feeding the multitudes, then to the church and gardens at the Mount of Beatitudes, the believed site of the Sermon on the Mount, and then finally arriving at the ancient lakeside fishing village of Capernaum with its extensive ruins and modern church.

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