What a view! We hear that quite a bit on tours of Israel. With beautiful vistas every direction, it’s really no wonder. So where are the some of the best views in Israel?

Incredible Views in Israel

Mount Carmel

Mt Carmel

The site where Elijah confronted the false gods of King Ahab and Jezebel is known as Mt Carmel. Here Elijah mocked their gods and asked if perhaps they were taking a nap or going to the bathroom! Elijah then created a completely soaked alter and God sent down fire and ignited it to prove himself.

Today in this location, you will find a beautiful building there with gardens where many groups hold a Bible study during their tour. When they go to the roof, they find a stunning view of the valley and southern Galilee. It’s truly a site to behold.


Masada View

Masada was an engineering marvel created by none other than King Herod himself. It is created at the top of a mountain in the middle of the desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. Throughout the ruins, you can understand the magnitude of building such a compound, from creating the snake path, to the ingenious way they supplied water. Add to it the history associated with the area including not only Herod but the famous last stand of the Jewish Revolt against the Romans, and you really can’t undervalue a visit there.

What really can be amazing on the top of the mountain is the gorgeous views of the Dead Sea and Jordan. Sunrises there are particularly venerated and many climb it early in the am to catch the sunrise, not to mention miss the heat!

Mt. Arbel

Mt Arbel View

Mt Arbel is known in the Bible for where it is believed Jesus gave the Great Commission. Herod’s army defeated the last Hasmonean King of Judea on Mt Arbel, where the Hasmoneans were hiding in cave dwellings that can still be seen today.

The unique cliffs of Mt Arbel are iconic from the shores of the Galilee, but the best view is from on top! From the top of Mt. Arbel,  you can see a full panoramic view of the entire Galilee and where most of Jesus’ ministry took place. Sunsets here are stunning.

Mount of Olives

Mt of Olives

The Mt of Olives is of course a major location in the Bible. This is the site of the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed and was arrested. This is where Jesus rode the donkey into Jerusalem. This is where Jesus would often stay when visiting Jerusalem. Many other instances of Biblical importance took place here. It is also covered Jewish graves, as the belief is that these graves will be resurrected first in the Jewish fait.

One other thing happens there every day and probably has for thousands of years… the taking in a glorious view of Jerusalem. There is a view point there now that nearly every group stops at to get a panoramic view of the entirety of Jerusalem. It is one of the most famous views in the entire world. If you’ve ever been to Israel, you almost certainly have taken a photo in the spot and likely a group picture. Who could blame you!

We hope to introduce you soon to some of the wonderful views in Israel!