Summer vacations are very common around the world and the season is known to be a very popular time to travel, however in Israel, it is considered low season.

This is primarily due to the reputation of it being hot in the summer. It is a reputation well earned -it is the Middle East, after all!

Although the heat is still a deterrent for many, the rising interest in visiting Israel has not left summer untouched. Many have chosen to visit Israel during it’s long, hot summer, and it can have its benefits. You may be thinking of visiting Israel yourself in the summer, and if so, here are some things for you to know…

  1. Yes, summer is hot. You can expect temperatures upwards of 100 degrees, especially in the Galilee and Southern Israel. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are slightly cooler, and you can expect temperatures of about 10-20 degrees less. Nights give some relief, but are still warm.
  2. Everything is still open. No sites are closed due to the heat. You *may* get lucky however with a few less crowds!
  3. It is important to dress well for the weather. Light and airy clothing with a good hat is a must. It is important to protect your skin from the intense sun.
  4. Drink a lot of water! Drink on the side of caution. Dehydration never improved anyone’s experience!
  5. As you move your way through the land, remember that Jesus and others in the Bible experienced these same conditions with far less comforts than we have today!

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Israel, Immanuel Tours will make every effort to make sure you are well cared for and that your experience is not the weather, but the places, people and new understandings of your faith you experience!