There are many wonderful things about travel and everyone has their favorites. Whether is be visiting interesting sites, going to shows, seeing museums, shopping, or enjoying the hotel, Israel has something to make anyone’s travel bug wish list satisfied.

There is one area in particular surely everyone can agree is a favorite when traveling… food!

Israel has a vibrant food scene that is known throughout the world. Much like America, Israel’s food culture is diverse since it incorporates items from around the globe that those returning to Israel after the Dispora brought with them. Whether you have a sweet tooth or more interested in savory bites, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are a few to be sure to try when you are in Israel:


Falafel – This is a quintessential Middle Eastern dish that is deep-fried chickpea dough. Some believe its origins come from Coptic Christians in Egypt using it as a meat replacement during Lent 1,000 years ago.

Hummus- Another masterpiece of the chickpea, hummus is eaten widely and considered a national food in Israel. While it can be found in many grocery stores as a packaged food throughout the world, we believe you will be experiencing hummus in its true and best form and you will feel like you are trying it for the first time when eating it in Israel!


St. Peter’s Fish- Not only great tasting, but an experience that you will take pictures of and tell people about your entire life, St. Peter’s Fish lunch is a well-loved part of many Immanuel Tours itineraries. Called this in reference to Matthew 17 when Peter found a coin in the fish’s mouth. It is served in a photo-worthy fashion and isn’t to be missed!

Wine- Against all odds, Israel, and in particular the Golan Heights, has become an amazing wine-tasting destination. What is even more interesting about this wine is it was foretold of in the book of Joel. Wine is best paired with God’s blessing!


Halva- A flour based confection that comes often in brick form, you may be treated to it at breakfast in your hotel, although most Israeli households prefer to have it with ice cream for dessert! It comes in different flavors, including chocolate and vanilla.

If you are interested in truly experiencing the cornucopia of Israeli food, there is no better place to shop than the open air markets. Not only does this give you a one-stop-shop for many different foods and goods, it will also give you a unique experience of Middle Eastern culture. Two markets in particular have gained fame for their culinary amazingness; Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem & the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv. Make sure you set time aside on your journey to shop at one of them at least.


Whatever your taste buds prefer, we know you will leave Israel well fed!