Destination weddings are a very popular way today to make your day special, unique and meaningful. Many trips around the world now include vow renewal options as couple take the time together to recommit themselves to each other.

Marriage is used to explain our relationship with God time and time again in the Bible. Jesus even did His first miracle at a wedding. Where else then better to celebrate the covenant of marriage than in Israel, inviting God to be in your marriage!

Immanuel Tours has organized many vow renewals and even weddings as part of tours! Imagine standing under a chuppah overlooking Jerusalem recommitting yourself to God’s gift of your marriage with your spouse. Many who have done this have said it is one of the most memorable and meaningful moments of their entire trip.

Vow renewals overlooking Jerusalem. 

Recently, we were even blessed to be able to help a bride and groom take their marriage vows in a meaningful wedding ceremony. Lebo and Oyama chose to have their wedding at the Cana Wedding Chapel, the very same area where Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding!

Mette Keter, one of our amazing tour operators, organized the details of this wedding and made sure everything went wonderfully. After the wedding, the bridal party and guests enjoyed a lovely dinner and reception at Ron Beach Hotel by the Sea of Galilee. What an amazing way to start a marriage!

The Bride and Groom with Mette and their tour guide, Lior. 

If you are interested in renewing your vows or even being married in Israel, let your tour operator know. There are many options for doing this, and it can be small and intimate or a wonderful large celebration filled with family and friends. We would love to be part of your love story!