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COVID-19 Travel to Israel Information and Updates

Covid-19 Travel to Israel

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, Israel 2021

Post COVID-19 Travel to Israel has created many questions for travelers and it has been difficult to find a clear and easily available source of reliable information concerning travel to Israel for non-residents or tourists, to some degree, it is still so.

Beginning in March 2020, the State of Israel shut down all tourism activities in Israel, which led to the unfortunate cancellation and postponement of many tours and created uncertain circumstances for future tourists planning to come to the Holy Land. Post Covid-19 travel to Israel we hope till resume in September 2020. We are hoping to begin to see our Christian, Messianic and Catholic tour groups begin returning to although it is an ever-changing and situation.  

For those of you who have travel plans to Israel or have an upcoming tour group to Israel in the coming months, Immanuel Tours have put together a summary of most up-to-date information on traveling to the Holy Land and what to expect when you get to Israel. We encourage you to bookmark this page and visit it often for the most up-to-date information regarding post Covid-19 travel to Israel. 

***Immanuel Tours is pleased to provide information regarding traveling to Israel during the pandemic of Covid-19. We will strive to update this information as changes occur, however we do not guarantee any of the information on this page due to the frequently changing situation. Please confirm the information or speak to your tour operator for further clarification.***

This is the PROPOSED outline for the entrance of vaccinated groups of tourists to Israel. As details are confirmed we will update this space.

The following is the basic PROPSED outline for the resumption of tourism to Israel, based on the agreements between the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, and the Population and Immigration Authority:


  • Starting May 23, 2021, a limited number of groups will be able to enter in a trial stage.
  • Starting mid-June, all groups will be able to enter
  • Starting in July, all vaccinated tourists will be able to enter

Which vaccinations are accepted?

  • At this point, all vaccinations recognized by the FDA (US) or EMA (EU) are recognized by Israel.
  • Vaccinations are verified through two possible tracks:

Bilateral agreements giving countries the tools to verify a passenger’s status before departure. Israel signed a first such agreement with Bahrain, and conversations are ongoing with many countries to advance more agreements on this issue.

For those from a country without a bilateral agreement, serological tests will be conducted to verify the existence of antibodies in the passengers’ system. The tests will be rapidly conducted at Ben Gurion Airport, with minimal waiting time for an answer.

What does a group mean? What will it need to do?

  • Groups can number between 5 and 30 people, so long as all are of the same nationality.
  • Groups will be organized by licensed Israeli companies and operators.
  • Every group will have set itinerary, and will have to adhere to all COVID-related regulations in place during its visit.
  • Each group will have a designated tour guide and bus driver, both of whom are vaccinated.

How will groups register?

  • Group organizers will have to register the group at the Ministry of Tourism, at least 10 days prior to the planned trip.
  • The Ministry of Tourism will confirm the organizer meets all the requirements, has filled relevant forms and provided the needed documents, and then pass the information on to the Immigration Authorities who will clear the passports for entry.


Israel has now administered the Covid 19 vaccine to every Israeli citizen over the age of 16 who have wanted to get the vaccine.  In the next phase expected to take place in the summer, children from the ages of 12 and up, are expected to be able to get the vaccine.

The number of infections has drastically reduced and so have the numbers of people hospitalized for covid 19 complications.

Every Israeli citizen who has been fully vaccinated as well as citizens who have recovered from Covid 19 are entitled to a “Green Pass” issued by the Israeli Ministry of health.

The “Green Pass” provides access to nearly complete back to routine activities as per the Ministry of health guidelines which include free access to:

Restaurant, Shops & Malls, Gyms and swimming pools, Hotels and resorts, places of worship, sports events etc.

Some limitations on the numbers for in-doors and outdoors events are still in place although these numbers are now considerably higher than before.

Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport is once again back in operation with Israelis who have been vaccinated being able to travel overseas following the Ministry of Health guidelines as specified on their website.

For Israelis returning to Israel and for visitors who have been approved to enter Israel, please see the following link for information on the regulations currently in place:

As we look forward to receiving groups and individuals on tours to Israel, the Israel incoming Tour Operators Association is currently working on training sessions for Tour Operators ahead of issuing the “SAFE TRAVEL – ISRAEL PROTOCOL” to participating members which we hope will be followed by more relevant information on the relaxing of restrictions for incoming tourism into Israel in the foreseeable future.

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