COVID-19 Travel to Israel Information and Updates

Covid-19 Travel to Israel

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, Israel 2020

Post COVID-19 Travel to Israel has created many questions for travelers and it has been difficult to find a clear and easily available source of reliable information concerning travel to Israel for non-residents or tourists, to some degree, it is still so.

Beginning in March 2020, the State of Israel shut down all tourism activities in Israel, which led to the unfortunate cancellation and postponement of many tours and created uncertain circumstances for future tourists planning to come to the Holy Land. Post Covid-19 travel to Israel we hope till resume in September 2020. We are hoping to begin to see our Christian, Messianic and Catholic tour groups begin returning to although it is an ever-changing and situation.  

For those of you who have travel plans to Israel or have an upcoming tour group to Israel in the coming months, Immanuel Tours have put together a summary of most up-to-date information on traveling to the Holy Land and what to expect when you get to Israel. We encourage you to bookmark this page and visit it often for the most up-to-date information regarding post Covid-19 travel to Israel. 

***Immanuel Tours is pleased to provide information regarding traveling to Israel during the pandemic of Covid-19. We will strive to update this information as changes occur, however we do not guarantee any of the information on this page due to the frequently changing situation. Please confirm the information or speak to your tour operator for further clarification.***


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Israel is making great strides to achieve herd immunity through vaccination and is vaccinating up to 100k people per day, putting them on track for complete vaccination of the population by the end of March, beginning of April. We hope this will bring us to the ultimate end of this horrible situation and the restart of tourism this spring! Please continue to pray to that end!


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