COVID-19 Travel to Israel Information and Updates

Covid-19 Travel to Israel

Stay Tuned, Stay Safe, Israel 2020

Post COVID-19 Travel to Israel has created many questions for travelers and it has been difficult to find a clear and easily available source of reliable information concerning travel to Israel for non-residents or tourists, to some degree, it is still so.

Beginning in March 2020, the State of Israel shut down all tourism activities in Israel, which led to the unfortunate cancellation and postponement of many tours and created uncertain circumstances for future tourists planning to come to the Holy Land. Post Covid-19 travel to Israel we hope till resume in September 2020. We are hoping to begin to see our Christian, Messianic and Catholic tour groups begin returning to although it is an ever-changing and situation.  

For those of you who have travel plans to Israel or have an upcoming tour group to Israel in the coming months, Immanuel Tours have put together a summary of most up-to-date information on traveling to the Holy Land and what to expect when you get to Israel. We encourage you to bookmark this page and visit it often for the most up-to-date information regarding post Covid-19 travel to Israel. 

Update 06/28/2020
Israel is now experiencing a spike in cases as party of what seems to be the second wave of COVID-19. Case numbers are spiking although hospitalization rates as well as intensive care cases are not growing as in the first wave. Government is considering returning some of the restrictions with regards to crowd gatherings and school or summer camp limitations.

***Immanuel Tours is pleased to provide information regarding traveling to Israel during the pandemic of Covid-19. We will strive to update this information as changes occur, however we do not guarantee any of the information on this page due to the frequently changing situation. Please confirm the information or speak to your tour operator for further clarification.***

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Status of Operation

El Al Israeli AirlinesEl Al has extended its suspension of its scheduled International flights until 06/20 following the Israeli government decision to extend the 14 days quarantine period for travelers entering Israel.
British Airways Planned resumption of service with Tel Aviv flights open for booking on their website.
Delta AirlinesTo restart Tel Aviv flights in June. Planning 4 nonstop flights from New York weekly.
United AirlinesCurrently operating two weekly flights from EWR to Tel Aviv with plans to increase to additional flights in the near future.
Lufthansa Planning to resume with 3 weekly flights Between Frankfurt and Munich and Tel Aviv in mid June.


Status of Transportation

5/20/20Lifting of limitation of 24 passengers in a public bus. Some limitations left in place affecting evening and night hours. It is compulsory to wear a face mask or cover on public transportation.


Train service resumes with under new operational conditions

  1. A reservation needs to be made 24 hours in advance
  2. You will receive a entry voucher (Bar code or other) to enable entry to the train station on that particular day and time.
  3. In the station, you will be able to purchase your train ticket.
  4. Face masks are compulsory.

To book please visit or call *5770


Partial resumption of some international flights

7/1/20Resumption of more international flights. Decision not finalized.
6/26/2Taxis are limited in availability and passengers. Limit is 2 passengers per taxi.
NowPublic bus service has resumed with a limit of 46 per bus and mask wearing is mandatory.
Now Light rail is operational. Check for schedules.

Resumption of additional flights in and out of Israel. Not a finalized decision.

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Activity Status

5/7/20Malls and markets opened under social distancing measures.
5/7/20Public libraries opened.
5/10/20Gyms opened. Workouts permitted for up to 20 people, with no physical contact.
5/17/20Opening of pre-schools, schools  and high schools.
5/20/20Opening of public beaches under social distancing rules.
5/26/20Pubic swimming pools open.
5/31/20Gatherings of up to 100 persons permitted.
5/31/20Israeli Soccer premier league returns.
5/31/20Pubic swimming pools open.

Enrichments activities and all Youth programs resume

TBDLifting of limitations on public gatherings – under consideration.

Universities and higher education return to study – Distance Learning Approved

6/19/20Opening of culture centers: Cinemas, theaters, concerts 75% capacity or up to 250 persons.
6/2/20Israeli Basket Ball premier league resumes.

Lifting of some limitations on public gatherings (up to 250 persons) Universities and higher education return to study


Opening of culture centers: Cinemas, theaters, concerts 75% capacity.

6/29/20Gatherings of up to 50 persons permitted.
6/29/20Restrictions on weddings crowds (up to 250 persons). There is a difference between events being held in closed spaces where restriction is set at 100 persons.

Immanuel Tours is welcoming inquiries to join and plan tours for late 2020, 2021 and beyond. Please contact us for more information. We hope to see you “Next Year in Jerusalem!”.