2020 has without question been the most challenging year for tourism in Israel. While there have certainly been difficult times before, never has tourism been completely banned… and for nearly a year now! the Covid-19 pandemic has been a horrible challenge for Immanuel Tours, tourism, the nation of Israel and the entire world. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are eagerly anticipating the reopening of tourism in Israel!

With the recent results of testing of vaccines from several pharmaceutical companies, there is a very bright optimism for approval and use of the vaccines very soon, possibly within weeks! While this will not be quickly available to everyone, it is a light at the end of the tunnel and believed that along with several other measures, will bring the possibility for the reopening of tourism in Israel in 2021. Praise God!

We are excited to being planning tours for the reopening of tourism in Israel for late spring/summer 2021 and beyond!

Now is the Time to Book for the Reopening of Tourism in Israel!

While you may think it is better to avoid booking a tour until the reopening of tourism in Israel actually takes place, but that is unwise! There is an expected immediate surge of people excited to travel again and in particular to Israel as people decide to not put “someday” off any further.

It typically takes some time to plan a tour to Israel, even for a smaller group, in order to book hotels and secure the best guides. Many, if not most tours book one to two years in advance, so don’t expect that there will be a lot of availability for a last minute tour, especially as hotels get their operations up and running again.

This is the time to book your tour before the larger rush, and potential influx of pricing occurs.

Will People Want to Go?

It’s been a long time since people were able to travel and from all that we’ve been hearing from our existing clients is that, yes, people are eager to travel and especially to Israel! Israel is eager to welcome them! After this year, if there is anything people have learned it is that the most basic activities are not guaranteed and many don’t want to put off things they’ve wanted to do any longer.

Is There Any Risk to Planning a Tour?

Immanuel Tours has refunded every tour in full* that has had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 mandated shutdown and we will continue to do so! Furthermore, you will not have to put any money down on your tour until 120 days prior to your departure. When you book with us, you can book with confidence.

How Will the Reopening of Tourism in Israel Occur?

While many details are still being worked out, we do know that vaccination will be key. Israel has contracts with several pharmaceutical companies for vaccinations for the entire population. They hope to begin this process soon and relieve the strain on hospitals, which is generally one of the main concerns.

As of right now, the borders remain closed to non-residents and citizens. Those who apply for a waiver are made to undergo many stipulations, including proving they have insurance that will cover them for the treatment of Coronavirus outside of the USA. This stipulation may continue as the borders reopen. Immanuel Tours has always made it very clear that at the minimum, all participants should obtain medical and medical evacuation insurance for their time in the country. It will be important you know the coverage pertaining to coronavirus treatment on your policy until this stipulation is no longer needed.

Vaccine Passport for the Reopening of Tourism in Israel

There has not been an official announcement yet regarding the use of a vaccine passport, however it is likely that Israel will want to see assurance that tourists have been vaccinated prior to coming to Israel. Within Israel, what is known as a “green passport” will start to be used for residents to allow those who already have antibodies to be able to resume more normal activities and avoid further restrictions.

Check with your doctor, government and authorities regarding vaccination protocols, availability and documentation available to you and Immanuel tours will continue to keep you informed as to the requirements.

2020 has certainly been unprecedented and we are eager to see the affects of the Covid-19 pandemic wane but we are delighted and ready to welcome you back to Israel and introduce the glory of the Holy Land to you with a fresh excitement as we thank God in his promised land!


*Immanuel Tours can only refund the land portion of the tour and can not make any guarantees, refunds and assurances regarding the air portion of any tour. Please check with your airline regarding deadlines, cancellations, and other information pertaining to the air portion of your tour.