Israel is a small country of big importance and statistics about Israel show just that. On this Israeli Independence Day, or Yom Haatzmaut, the government release the latest statistics of Israel in an annual report. How much do you know about the statistics of Israel and how it makes Israel unique?

Statistics about Israel Past and Present

Israel is celebrating its 73rd year of Independence. When modern Israel started, there were 806,000 people living in Israel, but today the population stands at 9,327,000!

Of those 9 million people, 6.9 million are Jewish, 1.96 are Arab and 467,000 identify as something else. This includes Christians who reside in Israel to tend to historical Christian sites from around the world.

Over the past year, the population grew by 137,000 with 167,000 babies born and 16,000 immigrants. 50,000 Israeli’s died.

This is a lot of change in 73 years!

3.3 million immigrants since 1948 have entered the country, with 44.7% of those being since 1990.

Israel is a very young country as well, with 28% of the population being under 14 years old and only 12% being over 65. In comparison, Japan has 28% of its population being over 65 and the US has 16%.

Statistics about Israel Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces, known globally as the IDF, is a conscripted force. It is known for being the most technologically advanced military force in the world, while also being among the smallest, especially compared to potentially threatening armies in the area.

  • Military service is compulsory for men and women starting at age 18.
  • There are around 170,000 active military members with 465,000 reservists.
  • Men serve 3 years and women serve 2 years.

Statistics About Israel Being a Happy Country

Citizens of Israel are some of the happiest people in the world! The UN recently ranked it 12th on their global evaluation. This put them ahead of Canada, the UK and the United State.

82% of Israeli’s feel pride in their country.

Statistics about Israel Tourism

2020 was expected to be a record breaking year for tourism in Israel, but it turned out to be the worst year ever. However 2019 was also a very big year! These statistics reflect 2019 numbers.

In 2019, 4.55 million tourists visited Israel for an average of nine days, an increase of 11% from 2018, which was also a record breaking year. Tourists added 23 billion dollars to the economy!

The United States of America provided the most visitors by far with 890,000 visitors. Next was France with 338,000, Russia with 296,000, Germany with 269,000 and Britain 218,700.

We have hopes that 2022 will be yet another record breaking year for tourism in Israel! Talk to our tour operators for how to plan your tour today!