As we enter June, summer vacations start moving into people’s minds. While the summer travel season will be quiet due to Covid-19 this year, there is no better time to start preparing for summer vacation in 2021. The question we often get is from people wondering if summer in Israel a good idea…

The short answer is: yes! But there are things you should consider to make sure your trip is a wonderful success.

It will be Hot.

It should be no surprise that summer in Israel will be hot. It is the Middle East, after all! There are several microclimates within Israel, but overall the summer weather is very warm. You should expect average temperatures in the 80’s for Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, 90’s for the Galilee, and upper 90s for the deserts.

If you are very sensitive to the heat or have health concerns, you may want to arrange for a different time to visit.

If you do come in summer, take the following heat-related precautions to ensure you are comfortable:

  1. Drink LOTS of water. You are at great risk of dehydration, so make sure to drink on the side of caution. Dehydration can lead to serious medical emergencies, and make you not enjoy your experience as much.
  2. Wear light colored and loose clothing. Keeping your skin covered with lightweight long-sleeved shirts and loose-fitting pants is recommended.
  3. Wear a hat. Immanuel Tours provides all of our participants with a baseball style hat and backpack.
  4. Don’t forget sunscreen. The sun is very intense, especially in the desert.

All Immanuel Tours buses are air-conditioned and every attempt is made to keep you comfortable on your tour.

Make Time for Family Friendly Summer in Israel Activities

Summer in Israel is unsurprisingly a time for families to visit as children around the world are out of school. We have many families who create wonderful family tours that include multiple generations of family bonding in faith and creating memories and stories that will create a faith legacy that will last for generations.

While touring the nation’s amazing Biblical and archeological sites, it’s important to make time for a bit of fun as well. When those events can provide a little relief from the heat, it’s even better.

Israel is a coastal country, so take a dip in the famed Mediterranean Sea. You can plan for a relaxing beach day or even take a try at surfing.  If you want to blend antiquity with relaxation, plan for a stop at the beaches of Caeserea. There you can enjoy relaxing on the beach with the backdrop of an ancient Roman Aqueduct.

There are also many water parks in Israel, some of which are paid, but a few parks that have free slash pads to run in and cool down! Right outside of the Old City Walls is Teddy Park, which includes a splash pad for running around in. At appointed times each day, the water is synchronized with lights and music. Fun for the whole family!

You can also explore other outdoor activities in Israel. There are many!

Plan Your Days Well

Our Tour Operators are very skilled at making the most of your schedule and making your trip as enjoyable as possible. For example, it is often suggested you spend a night at the Dead Sea so you can enjoy it in the late afternoon after the heat of the day has passed and then get up early to visit Masada and Qumran.

For midday activities, it may be a great time to explore local museums. With so much history, it is no wonder there are many wonderful places to learn and explore within wonderful temperature-controlled environments!

A few Museums to consider include:

  • Yad Vashem– As the official museum and memorial to the Holocaust victims, it is a museum that is a stop on many tours big and small. This museum is a very emotional place. It is the second most visited site in Israel, after the Western Wall. Admission is free.
  • The Israel Museum– This museum offers the history and culture of Israel in one place. There is a massive scaled model of ancient Jerusalem as it would have been in Jesus’s day. This is also where the Dead Sea Scrolls are housed and available for viewing in the “Shrine of the Book”.
  • The Temple Institute- Many don’t realize that there is a group of dedicated people preparing for the reinstitution of Temple worship. You can visit the institute in the Old City and learn about their preparations.

You will find many ways to enjoy Israel in the summer. With a little planning of your Christian Holy Land tour with Immanuel Tours, you will have a truly wonderful experience that you will cherish and love!