When people are considering a tour to Israel one of the same questions continually rises to the top of the list. “How much does a holy land tour cost?” The question begs more questions before answers! That is because we do not do generic tours, but instead we develop custom tours and itineraries so there are many things that affect the cost.

Let’s look at some of the things that affect how much a holy land tour costs:

1. How Long is the Tour?

The length of the tour of course affects how much a holy land tour costs. If you have a tour that is six days and another that is nine days and everything else is equal, of course your price will go up. That being said, it might not go up as much as you’d think because some hotels offer more discounts for staying in a room longer or a guide may have a minimum rate that doesn’t go up as much per day once you reach a certain threshold. Therefore, don’t assume looking at one tour that you can just break down the price per day and multiply to get an accurate or close final cost on a longer tour.

2. How Many People Are on the Tour?

Many are very surprised at how much a bigger group can bring the price down per person when they ask how much a holy land tour costs. This is due to a few factors. One is that many hotels give group pricing once you have hit a certain amount of people. The other is that there are shared costs that are fixed for the group but increased participation helps that price go down per person. These costs include the guide, the bus, and the driver.

Don’t think you’d have enough to form a group? Look into our Join a Tour page. You can find trusted groups who are traveling with us and take advantage of their group pricing, buses and guides. We’ve had many people utilize this option and say it was on of the best times in their life getting to know other believers while traveling the holy land.

3. When is the Tour?

As with any travel, timing has a big role in how much a holy land tour costs. Spring and fall are typically the most expensive times to travel as the weather is more mild for tourists and there are more demands for hotels with Passover in the spring and the High Holy Days in the fall. Summer is getting more popular and winter tends to be the most affordable.

Be sure you are realistic about what you are willing to cope with weather-wise and crowd-wise. A small savings isn’t worth not enjoying your time due to the weather, nor would spending more money during the peak times be wise if you can’t handle crowds.

4. Where are You Staying?

Immanuel Tours spends considerable amounts of time building relationships with hotels and other service operators in Israel to give you the best options and pricing. There are some hotels that will be higher priced than others, due to a variety of factors. While timing is of course an issue with hotel rooms, but also things like amenities, food included and location. A hotel close to the Old City with a stellar breakfast and dinner included is going to cost more than a hotel bit further away and doesn’t include breakfast and dinner at all. So if you are looking at pricing on tours, make sure you are considering all the hotels have to offer, including if it is well regarded as a comfortable hotel, because who wants to be uncomfortable in bed when on tour!

In addition to the level of hotel is how many people are in each room. Most quotations come priced with double occupancy. A single supplement price can be obtained if someone does not wish to share a room. In some cases, a third person can be added to a room which typically drops the price slightly more. Children are often priced a different price as well. Talk to your tour operator for guidance and assistance.

5. What Activities Are Included?

You may assume that all tours are equal in itinerary, but with so much to do and see in Israel, there can be many differences! Some tours keep things more basic while others add in many things, even concerts, special teaching, Jeep rides or special meals to mention a few! There are SO MANY options that can be added, so pay attention to what a tour includes who considering price.

Want to know what special experiences you could add to your tour? Ask your tour operator for ideas! They are happy to help!

These are just the differences that can make one Immanuel Tours tour different than another Immanuel Tours tour. When considering tours from another agency, make sure you understand what is included, what kind of bus and the size of it, the guide’s reputation, and if the admission to all itinerary items is included, just to name a few.

We would love to help you plan your next tour and look for ways to create the trip of a lifetime in the budget that works for you. Contact Immanuel Tours for information on how you can book a risk-free trip!